Steps to follow to make a bouquet of flowers

Surely you have ever had to make a bouquet of flowers and you have not even known where to start. Well today we are going to tell you how to prepare a bouquet of flowers. From how to choose them, the colors that come in handy, to some tricks to get perfect bouquets.

Do you want to learn how to make them?

What to keep in mind

what to take into account to make the flower bouquet

The first thing we have to do is buy quality flowers, fresh and that have not been cut for a long time or our bouquet will lose quality and showiness. The flowers of Ecuador and Holland that arrive in Spain, they come quite fresh and are of good quality.

To accompany the flowers, some green branches are needed, whose freshness and quality must also be optimal and not yellow. The green leaves that accompany the bouquet can fulfill both the filling function, as well as the finishing and separation of flowers.

Choose colors and flowers

bouquet of flowers

The colors must have a good combination. To do this, you must unify the flowers of red, orange, yellow and green colors on the one hand, to make a striking spring bouquet of flowers and those of softer colors such as pink, beige and white flowers on the other, to make a bouquet of more elegant flowers.

As for the flowers, the best shades are orange, yellow, reddish and greenish. These are the most common to make a more spring bouquet. Among these flowers we can choose between Gerberas, Red Roses, Yellow Lilies, Chrysanthemums and Astromeliads.

How is the bouquet prepared?

the flowers should be arranged in the shape of a triangle

We must remove all the leaves leaving only the flowers and a small leaf that is attached to it. If we use roses, do not forget to remove the thorns.

Once all the leaves are removed, we will put the bouquet on the table to have a better view of the stems.

Prepare and place the green twigs that you are going to place in the same way, for example those of Helecho, those of Chicoblad, those of Aralia and those of Aspidistras. Then, take the flowers and the filler stems one by one and place them in a fan shape. Keep in mind that the stems are not fully glued and that the largest flowers are not together.

To better visualize the distribution of the flowers, we put the bouquet vertically and see that each main flower form a kind of imaginary triangle.

Finally, add the green leaves and trim the stems so they are even. With this, you will have your bouquet of flowers ready.

Steps to follow to make a bouquet of flowers

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