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When we think of roses, it is very common that we perceive a wonderful aroma. When we see them, our first reaction is usually to bend down a little to inhale their perfume. Some of them smell so good that contests are even held to determine which one smells the most pleasant.

Getting them is not difficult: being so in demand, nurseries and garden stores always have a great variety. Among them, you will surely find some of the most fragrant roses in the world that we are going to show you next.

Honey Perfume

Flower of the Rose 'Honey Perfume'

This damask yellow rose is one of the most interesting, not only because it gives off an incredible scent, but also because is resistant to mildew. It can be enjoyed throughout the season, either as a hedge or as an isolated specimen.

Memorial Day

Flower of the rose 'Memorial Day'

It is a fairly large hybrid tea rose, over 12cm in diameter. A single flower is able to perfume a roomwhich combined with that soft pink color makes it a perfect plant to have in … any corner.

mr lincoln

Mr Lincoln rose flower

It is a beautiful hybrid tea rose with a deep red color that attracts a lot of attention. It is so beautiful and has such an intense perfume, that can be used to create informal hedges in the garden, and to decorate the patio and / or terrace.


Flower of the rose 'Secret'

This is a hybrid tea rose that is characterized, above all, by two things: the first and most important is its flowers. The intense pink combined with the cream tone makes it one of the most elegant roses; what’s more, they give off an intoxicating perfume. The second is that its leaves are very resistant to diseases. So what are you waiting for to have one?


Flower of the rose 'Sunsprite'

It is a semi-double yellow rose 10 centimeters in diameter which can be planted alongside other rose bushes to create a hedge in the garden or composition in a planter that you can show off with.

Which of these roses did you like the most?

The most fragrant roses | Gardening On

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