What is the care for Sparaxis tricolor?

The Tricolor sparaxis is a bulbous plant that produces small but very pretty flowers that appear during the spring. Although it does not have a considerable height, it is very well planted in groups with other flowers, or to decorate patios and terraces.

Its care is so simple, that it is a species suitable for beginners. To check, I invite you to get one or more bulbs, and follow our advice .

Group of Sparaxis tricolor

The Tricolor sparaxis It is a bulbous belonging to the botanical family Iridaceae. It grows naturally in South Africa, but today they are for sale in almost any corner of the world that enjoys a warm or temperate climate. So that you can contemplate the beauty of its flowers, must be purchased at the end of summersince it will be when the time has come to plant them at a depth of 5cm.

Importantly, does not like the shadowso that it will have to be located in an area where it gets direct sun, ideally all day. Of course, when exposed to the sun king, the earth will dry up quickly, so that you have to water about three times a week.

Tricolor sparaxis in flower

If we want to help you make each year look even more beautiful, it is highly recommended to fertilize it with a compost for bulbous plants following the instructions specified on the package. Thus, in each season we will have more flowers.

To have new copies we can sow your seeds in a nursery as soon as they mature, towards the beginning of the summer. Keeping the soil moist they will not take more than a couple of weeks to germinate.

What did you think of Tricolor sparaxis? Pretty, right? If you are looking for a plant that produces flowers year after year and is also very easy to care for, do not hesitate to buy a bag with bulbs .

What is the care for Sparaxis tricolor?

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