Why does my geranium have yellow leaves?

The geraniums They are very easy to grow flowers that brighten up our patio or garden for much of the year. In addition, they are very inexpensive, so that beautiful compositions can be created together with other varieties or other types of low plants.

However, sometimes problems do occur, and it is no wonder that from time to time we wonder why my geranium has yellow leaves. To find the answer, we have to first know some of its main characteristics, and then we can start to treat it.


Geranium in bloom

Geranium is a herbaceous plant that, although it can be grown outdoors throughout the year in warm and temperate climates, with the arrival of winter, when temperatures drop below 15ºC, its growth is achieved. This in itself is not a problem, as you need to “rest” in order to have strength in spring, but If the mercury in the thermometer continues to fall and is below 0º, then its leaves will yellow and fallsince they do not support frost.

To do? If the temperature drops below -2ºC, the most advisable thing is to have it inside the house until the good weather returns.

Excess irrigation

Irrigation is the most important thing for the plants that are being cultivated. But we often think that the more water we give them, the better it will be, when the reality is very different. Whether we water a little or a lot, geraniums are going to have problems. In the case of overwatering, will start to yellow on the lower leaveswhich will end up falling. In addition, it will look faded, like sad.

To do? The most advisable thing is remove the plant from the pot, wrap the root ball with absorbent paper, and leave it like that in a place protected from direct sun until the soil has completely dried. Afterwards, we plant it again in its container, and we treat it with a spray fungicide to prevent the appearance of fungi.

Lack of irrigation

Geraniums need very frequent waterings, especially in summer, during which time it is advisable to water about three times a week. But when we water less than necessary, the leaves will yellow and look sad. They can also curl as the edges dry.

To do? Water, of course. We will take the pot and place it in a bowl with water until the soil is well soaked. So the plant can recover quickly.

Nutrient-poor substrate

If we plant the geranium in a pot and do not transplant it by putting new substrate every two years, in the end what will happen is that the roots will run out of nutrients and the plant will start to weaken.

To do? In addition to transplanting it every two years, it is very important to pay it from spring to autumn with fertilizers for flowering plants, following the indications specified on the package.

Red flower geranium

Now that we know why the leaves can turn yellow, we can have some beautiful geraniums .

Why does my geranium have yellow leaves?

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