Images of roses | Gardening On

Roses are one of the most beloved plants by all: they produce so many flowers for so long that it is a pleasure to see them and take care of them year after year. In addition, they emit such a pleasant aroma that just thinking about having a group of them in a corner of […]

Meet 4 varieties of Pelargonium

Pelargoniums are perennial plants that produce leaves and flowers so similar to those belonging to the genus Geranium that they have ended up being called the same as these: geraniums. They are ideal to have in pots or planters, or even in the garden. The color of its petals is very cheerful, so much so […]

Megapost de las Ixia, unique bulbous plants

If you would like to decorate your patio or garden with little-seen bulbs without having to worry about their maintenance, we encourage you to get a few of the botanical genus Ixia. It produces so many flowers of such vivid colors, that it will surely quickly become the joy of the home. In addition, hardly […]

Know what plants and flowers you can give on Father’s Day

It’s getting close father’s DayTherefore giving plants to your father can be a great ideasince they not only brighten the environment, but you will also be giving away a living being, that is, a way of life that will need your care to have a long life and no one better to offer this care […]

Ideas for natural flower arrangements

Would you like to decorate your home with natural flower arrangements? The truth is that they look very good, and despite the fact that as the days go by they wither (something that can be slowed down if we do some things that we will see later), they give a lot of life to the […]

Follow these steps to have your garden prepared this spring

Most gardeners eagerly await the arrival of springbecause this is the perfect time to sow or to collect the fruits of previous harvests and the arrival of spring means that there are many things to do in the gardenon the balcony and on the terraces, thanks to the fact that in this season the days […]

Flowers for hair | Gardening On

Who hasn’t ever put a flower in their hair when they were young? Or, who has not had a mother or father who has put it on? The truth is that they are very good, since although they last a short time, at least they help us feel special for a few days. When we […]

Bouquets of flowers and different types of bouquets that you can find

Decorate is very important for different areas of life, since the decoration consists of making different special arrangements and add different objects that give an aesthetic sense to the place where we are working. The difference between setting up a place and decorating a place is that, in setting up, we place all the necessary […]

Selection of spring flowers | Gardening On

Spring alters blood. Yes, I know that this saying does not have much to do with plants, but if we take into account that sap is the blood of vegetables, it could be said that this season wakes them up, not abruptly, but insistently. By doing so, you get them to produce beautiful flowers. Do […]

How to grow and care for a Phalaenopsis orchid

One of the orchids easier to grow and care for is Phalaenopsis. The flowering of these beautiful plants lasts many weeks, managing to give it a lasting beauty home and is that once flowering is over, the orchid maintenance focuses on the health of the plants, the good care of the orchid after the fixed […]

When and how to prune rose bushes?

Pruning is a gardening task that we have to do if we have rose bushes, since otherwise we would end up having a very beautiful green bush that would give small flowers. However, as important as pruning is to do it well: in the event that we work with a tool that is not the […]

Yellowish Peace Lily Care | Gardening On

The peace lily of a houseplantcharacterized by its quick and easy way to adapt to the low light spaces. Its flower is one of the most outstanding characteristics and the result of its great search by garden enthusiasts. Despite growing in low-light areas, these they can be quite fragile in the face of very cold […]

How is the dog rose hip plant planted?

The hip It is the fruit of the rose bush, specifically the dog rose, which is a beautiful shrub that grows up to 2 meters in height and produces simple but precious white or pink flowers. It is a very easy plant to grow, so much so that it is relatively easy to get new […]

Take care of and grow Red Roses, the most beautiful

Red roses are the most elegant flowers. The color red draws so much attention to human beings, that we have not hesitated for a moment to cultivate the precious plants that produce them, we have even given them a meaning due to which we give them away on special days and moments. They are part […]

Tips for planting Snapdragon in summer

The world of plants is extremely fabulous and it’s filled with thousands of amazing plants that give life and color to any place where they are. The plants in a garden can be the ideal and indispensable touch to generate an incredible visual impact and if you want a change, surely you are interested in […]

The curious paper flower plant

The Paper flower it is one of the most curious plants in the world. Normally, when we imagine a flower we do it thinking about its soft and delicate petals, but the bracts (false petals) of our protagonist are rather leatheryas if they were made of paper. It reaches about 80 centimeters in height, so […]

How to care for the black tulip?

Black in nature is an extremely rare color, since it is associated with death, that is, non-life. If one of our plants shows up like this, we immediately think that it is very bad, right? But yes friends, yes, it can also be the symbol of the life of some beautiful vegetables such as black […]

Photos of flowers | Gardening On

Whether they are small or large, all flowers have the same goal: to attract the attention of a pollinating animal to take charge of pollinating themand thus start the development of the seeds. The fight can be terrible; Not surprisingly, the new generation is at stake, so that plants have evolved until their flowers are […]

Schisandra Chinensis or Climbing Magnolia

The Schisandra Chinensis or Climbing Magnolia, It is a plant of Asian origin (China and Korea), related to magnolias for some of the characteristics they have in common. Today it is common to get for sale three types of Schisandra and these are the Schisandra chinensis, the Schisandra Henryi and the Rubiflora Schisandra. Medicinal properties […]

Mother’s Day and what each flower means

Mother’s Day is a very special date that you are probably already celebrating, so congratulations moms. Perhaps because you are a daughter or a mother, you know that on this day gifts are something particular that cannot be missed and that this day represents for many, a special occasion to get together as a familyfor […]

Cymbidium, an orchid suitable for beginners

Orchids are the plants that produce some of the most spectacular flowers in the plant kingdom. They are so cheerful, so brightly colored, that they seem to have been taken from a fantasy tale. But, in addition to contemplating their beauty, if we can enjoy cultivating them, then better, right? And that is precisely what […]

Navel of Venus | Gardening On

The plant world It contains a myriad of plants that today make up the entire environment that surrounds us. This is largely explained by the type of soil in which we find ourselves, and it is that depending on the soilsthe climatic conditions and the structural conditions, we can find a certain type of plants, […]

How to sow seeds of violets step by step

Violets are great herbaceous plants: they grow fast, they reach a height of about eight inches which makes them great flowers for pot, and also the flowers they produce are so beautiful that they give a lot of life to the place where they are. Therefore, I decided to buy an envelope and proceed to […]

When to prune rose bushes

Rose bushes are shrubs that produce extraordinarily beautiful flowers. They are, probably, the most cultivated garden plants, or one of the most demanded. They do not require much care and, in addition, they are beautiful during a good part of the year. However, so that they can produce new flowers each season it is necessary […]

Plants as decorative elements for the balcony

Plants for the balcony are the Decorative elements that could change the atmosphere of an entire area of ​​the house, even the atmosphere of it for the believers of Feng Shui and is that choosing an appropriate combination of plants it can turn into a nightmare. Next we will help you find the appropriate ones […]

Plants for green fences | Gardening On

The green fences They are what we know as flowery fences or simply natural fences, its use makes the difference between a modern, comfortable or even discreet place and is that the skill or the creativity With which we choose a fence, it will externalize the environment that lies inside the place and it is […]

What is the care of hyacinths?

Hyacinths are one of the most popular bulbous plants: their beautiful flowers grouped in inflorescences give off a very pleasant aroma during spring. In addition, they can be grown in small pots, which makes them interesting plants to decorate both the home and the patio. If you want to have a room where there are […]

Azaleas for Shaded Gardens | Gardening On

Generally, we know that plants need multiple care and nutrients. Within these cares, solar rays have been part of those measures necessary for the effective development of plants. This works to a great extent, however there are plants that do not need of this kind of care. They are called azaleas to those garden plants […]

Characteristics and care of the Felicia plant

When you don’t have much land, one of the things that you can’t do is think that it will be impossible to have a beautiful garden. Today, thanks to both the Internet and the nurseries themselves, we can have plants that, due to their size, can grow throughout their life in beautiful pots. One of […]

Characteristics of the Phantom Orchid

The plant world is made up of a infinity of species with unique and incomparable characteristics, so it would be impossible to try to memorize them all, since it seems that there are still species that have not been discoveredIn other words, for reasons of location or environment, it has been impossible to reach certain […]

Characteristics of the Rafflesia or corpse flower

The plants they are very familiar species for us, since today it is possible to find homes in which people conserve multiple species of all kinds. This can be motivated by medicinal reasons, to want to decorate our home or by simple passion. Whatever the case, the plants have particular characteristics depending on the type […]

What are the best smelling flowers?

There are some plants that not only captivate us for their beauty, but also for the fragrant and sweet scent of their flowers. That smell that intoxicates you every time you approach them in the morning is so pleasant that it seems to help you start the day better. But What are the best smelling […]

How to get orchids to bloom?

Orchids are one of the most beautiful exotic plants in the world. They produce very cheerful and beautiful colored flowers, but it is not always easy to get them to bloom again since the conditions they had in the nursery and those they have at home are very different. Still, we can do several things […]

What are the gerbera care?

If you want to give joy to a garden or a balcony, there is nothing better than having the odd gerbera. The African daisy, as it is also known, is a lively herbaceous plant that produces large and beautiful flowers of bright colors, such as red or yellow. To have them beautiful you just have […]

Caring for the felicia or blue daisy

The blue daisyalso known as felicia, is a beautiful annual shrub plant that traces its origins to South Africa. This is a plant that does not usually measure more than 50 centimeters so it is ideal for place it in a pot on the terrace or in the window. The best known of this plant […]

Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of June

You don’t need to give up on a beautiful garden full of life and color once this time comes. However, and although it is true that at this time we suffer from aftermath of drought so characteristic of this month, this does not mean that you cannot continue to have your own private paradise, full […]

How to have healthy rose bushes?

The rose bushes produce what for many are the Flowers (thus, with capital letters) par excellence. Its delicate petals are distributed in such a way that it is really difficult to ignore their beauty. It’s amazing. They are one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world. And, not only are they beautiful, but […]

The red dahlia, a flower to bring joy to the summer

The daliaand in particular the red dahlia, is a very cheerful and decorative plant. The color red draws our attention to humans, so what better way to surprise your visitors with a flower as beautiful as this one. So, this time we are going to see what are the characteristics of this plant and, most […]

Hanami, the art of contemplating flowers

Have you ever walked through the park and stopped to contemplate how beautiful the flowers are? Well, imagine that in Japan, this is quite an art and consider up to a pronhonorable and sacred ethics. The Japanese, from ancient times, cultivate their spirituality and inner peace Through this peculiar task, observing flowers and although strange […]

What are the parts, characteristics and function of a flower?

In this article we are going to refresh you everything there is to know about the flower as an important part of a plant, its functions, characteristics, etc., so do not miss this interesting article. The flower is the reproductive system of a plant whose function is to produce the seeds that guarantee the new […]

Aster plant, perfect for decorating small corners

If you have a small corner or area in your garden that has been left empty and you are looking for a perennial plant with a beautiful autumn flowering, do not hesitate to get a plant of Aster. It is very similar to the daisy, but the petals are thinner and as amazingly colored as […]

Photos of daisies | Gardening On

Daisies are the most common flowers found in the fields, in the open fields, on both sides of the road, … in short, anywhere. They don’t need much to grow, just a little soil, water and sunlots of sun so that its flowers can open and show their beauty to attract pollinating insects. However, when […]

Characteristics and care of Ludisia discolor

You are probably used to seeing orchids with broad, dark green leaves and incredibly decorative flowers. But there is a plant that can be easily found in nurseries that could well be mistaken for a common plant … until you see its leaves. Its scientific name is ludisia discolorationalthough its common name is Jewel Orchid. […]

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