Who hasn’t ever put a flower in their hair when they were young? Or, who has not had a mother or father who has put it on? The truth is that they are very good, since although they last a short time, at least they help us feel special for a few days.

When we grow up, the flowers for the hair come to have a different meaning, to the point that when we are getting married it is tradition to wear a series of white flowers which symbolize purity. Beyond what they represent, wearing the hair decorated with petals is very beautifulDo not you think?

Young girl with flowers in her hair

Regardless of how old you are, wearing flowers in your hair can make you feel very good … or very bad depending on the color they are. Thus, we have:

  • yellow flowers: yellow is the color of the sun, the star that gives us life. It is also associated with laughter, youth and the pleasure of living.
  • Orange flowers: it is the color of the flame, the flame of fun that we feel at a party and that of caution.
  • blue flowers: it is not a very common color, so it is associated with reserve, but also with trust, harmony and friendship.
  • White flowers: white is the color of innocence, calm, purity, harmony and childhood.
  • Black flowers: black is a color that is not usually very well seen, not in vain, it is used in sad events such as a funeral. It is therefore associated with death, sadness, and night. But you have to know that it has other meanings, such as seriousness and nobility.
  • Red flowers: red is the one that most often draws attention to the human eye. It expresses joy, excitement, action, passion, but also danger.
  • pink flowers: represents the absence of violence, kindness, tenderness. All the good things in life.
  • Green flowers: to represent hope, nothing like choosing green flowers. It is the color of nature, youth, desire and balance.
  • Violet flowers: violet is the color that defines us if we are generally calm. It is the symbol of self-control and dignity.

Woman with flower crown

When we want to tell the world how we feel, the usual thing is to combine several so that we have a beautiful flower crown. But, if we are not to wear many things in our hair, a simple flower can be enough for our face to change completely.

Would you like to know how to make a flower crown? Here’s this video: