Follow these steps to have your garden prepared this spring

Most gardeners eagerly await the arrival of springbecause this is the perfect time to sow or to collect the fruits of previous harvests and the arrival of spring means that there are many things to do in the gardenon the balcony and on the terraces, thanks to the fact that in this season the days tend to last longer and there is a warmer temperature, but it also means that the plants need special care to live spring without any problem.

East it’s time to put on your glovesgrab the scissors, watering can, and other garden tools and get to work. So next we will tell you some things you should do in the arrival of spring so that your plants are beautiful, large and healthy.

The importance of fertilizing your flowers and plants

pruning is important

The first thing to keep in mind is the compost theme for all flowers and plantss, plants that went through hard times due to the cold and heavy rains must prepare for flowering, heat and fruit production, which is why they must be well fed with all the nutrients.

The one that is most recommended is hummus worm fertilizerThis should be applied in considerable portions to all the plants you have in your garden, taking advantage of the fact that it is the perfect time.

The second thing that you must take into account are the hydrangeas, since you must make sure that they are blue, for this it is necessary to acidify the pots or containers where the plants are so that composting can be done with fertilizers that turn the plants and flowers blue .

This fertilizer should only be placed in the springbut it can also be placed in summer once a month.

You must also change the substrate or pot plantthat is, if the pot turns out to be very large you can remove only the top layer and place a new substrate or a little of the hummus worm compost. But if the pot is too small for the plant, you can take it to another one that is larger, what should be done is to cut the plant a little and clean it to then transplant it very carefullyIt is important to see that the ideal fertilized substrate is placed for each plant.

Clean and arrange your plants and flowers

This is the perfect time to clean and to be able to do this you just have to remove dry, fallen and old leavesYou should also remove dead or malformed plants, so cut dry branches and reduce shrubs and plants. This helps the plant not waste energy trying to recover parts that are already dead or dry and will focus only on flowering.

The amount that you are going to prune will depend on the plant that is used, but commonly in the spring it is necessary to prune the hedges because they lose their shape and it is that at this time, the growth of the plants is much faster. Also you must take into account eliminating the weeds that usually appear in the gardens Due to the humidity and heat, you can also add salt or use herbicides.

Watch out for diseases and pests that may appear

beware of insects in spring

With increasing temperature and humidity many diseases and pests appearso it is important to take care of our plants from this problem, so you should try to place the plants in good light and temperature conditions. To eliminate these pests you can mix a liter of water, dishwasher and a tablespoon of alcoholYou place this above the plants or you can wash the affected area with a cotton ball to solve the problem.

You can plant purslane, petunias, heliotropiumm, lobelias and many more. We also recommend choosing plants that have odors so that in addition to having a beautiful color your garden, it has a pleasant smell.

Follow these steps to have your garden prepared this spring

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