Hanami, the art of contemplating flowers

Have you ever walked through the park and stopped to contemplate how beautiful the flowers are? Well, imagine that in Japan, this is quite an art and consider up to a pronhonorable and sacred ethics.

The Japanese, from ancient times, cultivate their spirituality and inner peace Through this peculiar task, observing flowers and although strange as it may seem, everything has a protocol and even a historical significance.

You not only see them, but you also admire them!

enjoy the flowers

Of course it is not just sitting and looking at a few flowers in a cherry tree, it is not like that at all and it is that every japanIt iss enjoy the beauty that the flower radiates in the landscapeof the inner peace that it provides him and of the tranquility that gives the environment to have that colorful majesty in front of his eyes

There are parks and small cities where the cultivation of plants with imposing, colored and very leafy flowersso that people can spend a good Sunday afternoon admiring its beauty. However, tributes to the sacred trees that have the longest time are solemnly organized and times and spaces are programmed to be able to enjoy this habit.

This is a complete international tradition

As indigenous as the traditionfromn to see flowers in Japfromnalready worldwide there are people who come to this country to be part of the contemplation of mother nature. You can also find many blogs on the internet with comments and reunion dates to travel in a group and make the experience much more fun.

You may think that these people are making an “unnecessary” expense if they only go to Japan to observe flowers, but that being the case exclusively, there is nothing wrong with coming for a couple of weeks and being able to spend a pleasant time, admiring the Hanamikeep in mind that the Mercyinto spiritual that is in the place is incomparable, for this reason it is remarkable to live the experience.

Above all, in big cities like TokyoIt is common for the celebration to go on for much of the night, in which case it is known as hozadura. In many iconic places like the Good Parkpaper lanterns are hung for the occasion, creating a magical and festive atmosphere.

With Japanese precision, they calculate until the day when you can make the most of your stay.

For the Japanese, the main attraction of the party are the cherry trees. This wonderful plant provides a passage full of soft colors such as white, pink and purple. And even more, the care of these trees is very meticulous, detailed and careful.

The Associationfromn Japanese Meteorologistina publishes a blossoming forecast, which is closely followed by all those who are going to celebrate Hanami, since this phenomenon lasts mons two weeks And it is convenient to know in which places it will take place and when exactly and is that cherry trees bloom at different times depending on their geographical location, such as south of Japan, in subtropical islands such as Okinawa, flowering takes place in January, while on the northernmost island, Hokkaido, the phenomenon occurs at the end of May.

Tips to get the most out of Hanami

hanami in spring

Bring a sheet or tablecloth for a picnic, as this will serve to make you feel much more comfortable when you have to sit down and enjoy the scenery

Consider packing a bag of food and drink for your walk through the flower-filled gardens, it will make you hungry for sure!

Dress like them, wear the Kimono! And it is that at present, the great majorinJapanese people wear western clothes during Hanami. So, since it is a very special holiday within the Japanese calendar, do not think twice and be part of them.

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Hanami, the art of contemplating flowers

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