How to sow seeds of violets step by step

Violets are great herbaceous plants: they grow fast, they reach a height of about eight inches which makes them great flowers for pot, and also the flowers they produce are so beautiful that they give a lot of life to the place where they are.

Therefore, I decided to buy an envelope and proceed to plant them, explaining to you step by step how to sow violet seeds so that you can also have them on your patio, balcony or garden.

Violet scented seeds

The violet, whose scientific name is Scented violetIt is a herbaceous that, as seen in the image, sowing in summer and fall is recommended so that it can flower in the following spring and summer. This means that, in just six months, we will get our seedlings to grow without problems.

Can they be sown earlier? Yeah sure. In fact, that’s what I’ve had to do. The day before writing this article the thermometer read 28 degrees Celsius. As summer was just around the corner, I didn’t want to wait any longer.

Garden thermometer

So, If you see that it is getting hot in your area, do not hesitate to prepare your seedbeds. As such you can use anything: pots, peat pads, planters, … In this case, I used a plastic tray that they give us in the nurseries to carry the plants, which can be used for other times:

Plastic tray

Now that it is decided what will be used as a seedbed, it’s time to fill it with substrate. As they are very easy plants to grow, universal growing soil can be used without any problems.

Pouring dirt into the tray

It has to be well filledalmost completely. The seeds need to feel the heat of the sun in order to germinate, and since they are so small, they have to be sown practically on the surface of the earth.

Tray with substrate

More or less, it has to stay that way. To make sure it is well filled, with our hands we have to exert a little pressure on the earth to see if it could still take more. This is very important to do since sometimes it happens that, when watering, the pile of substrate that we have added goes down, and that is when we realize that we should have added more.

Watering the tray with watering machine

Now we water conscientiously with a watering can. The soil has to be well soaked so that the seeds can germinate as soon as possible.

Seeds sown in a tray

Then, we sow the seeds. Depending on how big the seedbeds are, we can place 3 to 5 seeds in a socket or pot of 8,5 cm in diameter.

Tray filled with soil

Then we have to cover them with a very thin layer of substrate so that the sun does not “burn” them.

Watering the tray with watering machine

Finally, It is highly recommended to place a tray or plate under the seedbed, and water it. The earth has to remain permanently moist, and it will be much more practical for us to pour the water into the tray than in the seedbed.

Thus, placing it in an area protected from direct sun, the former will surely not take more than a week to sprout .

Good planting!

How to sow seeds of violets step by step

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