Know what are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of May

May is one of the most colorful months thanks to the flowers that are born during this month, however, it is necessary that you really know what are the plants that bloom in May to be able to sow them in your garden.

Once you know what those are flowers that are born in this monthyou will have the possibility of having a beautiful garden. That is why we will show you several of them below, but keep in mind that there are more than 250 types of flowers that are born during the month of May and from which you can choose the ones you like the most.

Flowers that emerge in May

Flowers that emerge in May


  • Acacia: During this time of year it is very possible to find different types of acaciasAmong the main ones we can include the hispida, the longifolia, the cyanophylla and the melanoxylon.
  • Acer: In the same way as the acacia, the Acer It has different types of plants that are born during this monthSome of them are: the capillipes, pseudoplatanus, cappadocium aureum, negundo aureovariegatum, cappadocium and red, among others.
  • Anemone: This is a beautiful flower that has its flowering in the month of MayIt has beautiful flowers of some pale colors and has a size that manages to slightly exceed 25cm in height.
  • Clematitide: Also known as aristolochia clematitis, it is a flower that measures little more than 45 cmhow much with beautiful leaves of a light greenish tone. In addition, its flowers have the shape of a long tube that is usually yellowish in color.
  • Aristoloquia: It’s a flower of brazilian originIt is a beautiful perennial climbing plant that has quite thin stems that can exceed 10 meters in height.

  • Begonia: It is a beautiful flower that has some beautiful fleshy flowers and oval in shape.
  • Arnica: It is a perennial It measures between 50 and 60 cm tall, has beautiful and picturesque flowers of approximately 4 cm in diameter, which are also yellowish or yellowish orange.

Another type of flowers that bloom in May

Other kind of flowers

Apart from the flowers that we have mentioned above, there are also others that they manage to bloom during this monthsome of them are:

  • Chamomile
  • The holly.
  • The malus floribunda or rose apple tree.
  • The jasmine from china.
  • The wallflower quarantine.
  • The red lobelia.
  • Honeysuckle.
  • The daffodil, the peony.

And even the list of flowers and plants goes onsince there are so many that it is not possible to name them all. Don’t forget that these are only various examples of flowers that are born in May.

What plant can you plant in May?

what to plant may

In a seedbed: If you are going to sow in seedbeds best are lettuces, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, melons, summer cauliflowers, cabbage sprouts, and leeks.

Directly on the ground: If instead you decide sow at once in the ground the best option for this month are cabbages, peas, squash, spinach and zucchini and if you are in cold areas you can sow: melons, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, red beets, radishes and low-grade beans.

What plants can you harvest in May?

In May you can harvest cauliflowers, white onions, peascelery, broccoli, spinach, turnips, radishes, garlic, carrots and chard.

The orchard in May

what to plant in the garden

The tropical and quite pleasant temperatures that arrive next to the month of May, commonly fill the orchards with activities, in which apart from sowing and transplanting, it is essential not to put aside all maintenance tasks that help keep crops healthy, once they are underway, in addition follow-up for possible diseases that could develop if the garden is not properly cared for.

When you plant tomatoes and string beans in your garden, they have a vertical growth must be placed with tutors. Some stakes or rods are needed to nail into the ground or substrate, these elements will be the stem support for tomato and bean plantswhich usually do not stop growing being necessary to have some kind of tie that when holding it does not cause any type of damage to its stems.

This is essential, as otherwise injuries may occur that would stimulate the attack of both harmful fungi and other pathogens. When it comes to tomato plants, in addition, the trellis it is necessary to prune the secondary stems.

With the purpose of take advantage of all the space that your garden hasYou can also choose to grow corn together with the beans and to start you should plant the corn and once it reaches a height between 15 and 20 cm you start planting the beans, which will use the corn stalk as their tutor. change will offer nitrogen, because being a legume This has the ability to settle atmospheric nitrogen in the soil of the garden and in the same way, in the middle of the bean-corn lines you could choose to plant pumpkins, which will use the shade of the corn and the beans to prevent the excess sunlight.

May it is the ideal time to sow cornHowever, if you want to eat corncobs in the course of the summer, because they have a particularly short consumption period, the trick is mainly to plant some corn plants every fifteen days.

Gardening activities for the month of May

Because in May there is a very high temperaturein addition to many more hours of sunlight directly on the crops, there is an acceleration in the orchardscausing germination, growth and fruiting processes to be much faster.

However, due to this increase in the growth of the orchard, it is necessary to pay special attention to it.

Some cares for the plants in the month of May

Do not forget that excess heat leads to further evaporation of the waterThat is why you must make sure that all your plants are receiving the adequate amount of water that they so badly need.

In the same way, it is necessary that check the fruit trees in your gardensince it is very normal that during this time there is a greater proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Gardening sayings for the month of May

different sayings of the month of may

  1. May makes wheat and August makes wine. (They mean that this month has a fairly benign weather, which means that the weather is ideal.)
  2. May entered, a garden in each meadow.
  3. He who waters in April, reaps in May
  4. If it freezes in Santa Quiteria (May 22), a bad year awaits.
  5. Until the fortieth of May, do not take off your coat.
  6. May water, valid for the whole year
  7. In May, hunger and roses: Look what things!
  8. In May, fennel for the horse.
  9. In May, one by one the rooster brings the cherries; in June, by basket and fist.
  10. Regulated May, neither too dry nor too wet
  11. How is love going ?: Like May with its flowers; If it goes well for him, me too.
  12. Apart from other things, lilac in April and pink in May.
  13. January frosts February snows March fogs April rains May airs bring flowery to the year.
  14. In May, full reservoirs are a prelude to storms and thunder.
  15. Blessed be the May bush, which dried up raining.
  16. Flowers in May, sooner or later I find.
  17. San Isidro Labrador (May 15) removes the water and brings the sun
  18. Until San Urbano (May 25), the gardener is not free of ice.
  19. May is coming through those ravines, gleaning the wheat and grazing barley. (When May is warm and fairly sunny, once the April rains pass, the crops will be assured.)
  20. May flowers cheer up your spirits. (Both the months of April and May are the ideal months for growing flowers.)
  21. April with its showers, followed by May with its flowers.
  22. Apart from other things, in April the lilacs and in May the roses.

Know what are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of May

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