Know what plants and flowers you can give on Father’s Day

It’s getting close father’s DayTherefore giving plants to your father can be a great ideasince they not only brighten the environment, but you will also be giving away a living being, that is, a way of life that will need your care to have a long life and no one better to offer this care than your father, who already has the necessary experience due to the care given to his own children.

Give flowers to anyone it will always be one of the cheapest optionswhich also inspires admiration and respect for nature.

Give your father flowers and tell him you love him

Give your father flowers and tell him you love him


It is quite common give flowers during Mother’s Day or Valentine’s DayHowever, when they are for a man, it is unusual to choose this type of detail. Normally, people believe that due to its aroma, colors or its delicacyit is nothing more than a uniquely feminine gesture, but do not worry, since there is the possibility to choose between some of the most modern and sophisticated species to give your father, because after all, we all want to feel ourselves surrounded by beautiful and charming things.

In this article we will talk about what they are the ideal plants to give as gifts on Father’s Day, so take good note:

Easy care plants

If any of the reasons why this kind of gift may not seem the most suitable for the time and dedication they need, you should know that you have no excuse since there are some plants that do not require so much care to preserve their joy and their colors.

Some of these plants are the cactus and fernsSo if you want to give plants as gifts, you can choose one of these if your father is quite a busy man and does not have a lot of free time.

Purifying plants

The Poinsettia, Areca or Potus are some of the most ideal plants to decorate a deskoffice, relaxation areas and even a study. Placing some plants on job sites has been shown to help reduce pollution, absorbs both smoke and dust like mites and also directly favors a significant increase in productivity.

Aphrodisiac plants

aphrodisiac plants

Without a doubt, aphrodisiac plants are not usually one of the most normal gifts and less for Father’s Day, however and by opting for one of these plants you will be able to surprise your father and add a dose of good humor to your gift.

Edible plants

If your father is one of those men who are attracted to gastronomy, surely one of the best options that you can give him to place in the home kitchen is a the herbs most used in gastronomy and which you could also grow in your own garden without any inconvenience.

In this case, we recommend choosing between the rosemary, oregano, parsley, mint, basil, or dillBy having any of these plants, clearly, cooking will be a pleasure, you will also be using natural products that will help you increase the flavor of your culinary creations.



Choosing to gift your father a Bonsai, too may be an excellent ideasince due to the fact that it is a miniature tree it would be like giving your father a piece of nature. This is also the ideal gift if your father is constantly busy and it tends to have high levels of stress, since bonsai are perfect for transmitting the feeling of calm that your father so badly needs while he is at his workplace.

Similarly, bonsai require a certain type of carewhich at the time of doing them, could be of great help so that your father can relax and put aside all his worries for a moment.

Know what plants and flowers you can give on Father’s Day

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