Know which are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of April

April is the month when the heat usually starts and sometimes it also brings rain, which means that there is a lot of activity in the orchardsThis is because it is the ideal time to apply fertilizers, avoid pests, do maintenancetransplanting, sowing, among other activities.

If you are wanting to start having your own garden, without a doubt you April is the right month to do itso prepare everything you need and start sowing, now either in seedbeds or directly on the groundIt is even the ideal time to perform transplants. Here we explain a little you need to know about sowinghow to sow grass, the flowers that bloom in April, the tasks and care of the garden, in addition to the gardening or farming sayings of the month of April.

What can and how can we plant in the month of April?

what can be planted

Before starting, you need to be aware that April is quite a changeable monthso you must take it into account when programming what you are going to sow, either directly in the ground and what you will sow in the seedbeds. If you have a greenhouse, you will have to be aware that the temperatures do not rise excessively, Above all and while the hottest days of the month passthat is why you must make sure that the hot air can circulate freely throughout the space and also open the greenhouse for the day in order to keep it ventilated and close it at night only if necessary or if you think that frost is possible.

In April the seeds can be sown directly into the ground. cabbages, spinach, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, turnips and radishes or if you have them planted in a seedbed and they already have a height greater than 15 cm, you can transplant them in the same way.

the orchard in April

In the seedbeds or greenhouses you can start sowing pumpkins, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. After the first 15 days of the month of April you can choose to sow zucchini and you can even sow beans in clumps, it is important not to leave the waterings aside, since They are essential to provide the plants with the water they need to be able to developbut if on the contrary, you have sown previously, this month is ideal since you can collect or harvest the strawberries, cabbage, radishes, artichokes, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, and broccoli.

Apart from these activities, in April there are others that must be carried out, the first is to keep the padding or mulching in place, which is a layer of straw with which you must cover the fields to which you have added compost in the course of winter and also in those in which you have not yet sown, since this way you can also prevent the growth of weeds.

High temperatures, longer days and the first shoots of vegetables give rise to pests such as aphids, that is why it is necessary to start using some preventive treatments.

April is the right month to plant grass and see how your plants bloom

how to take care of the garden

If since the beginning of the year you have put your garden aside, perhaps because you have felt too lazy to fix it, do not worry since everything improves when April arrivesthat’s why we want to give you some recommendations so that you can start working in your garden again and also make it worthy of admiration. As you know, April is ideal for planting grassThat is why we recommend you to do it during the first days of the month, in this way you will achieve that it is born with strength and you will have the opportunity to enjoy it during the summer. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the area: Start by choosing an area and getting rid of weeds with the use of a herbicide.
  • Dig and prepare the soil: You must dig at least 20 centimeters of soil in order for your lawn to root properly.
  • Add compost: If the soil lacks nutrients, you will have to add fertilizers that achieve an adequate mixture of soil for the optimal development of the lawn.
  • Plantation: Bury 35 to 40 grams of seeds per square meter, then spread the soil using a rake and apply some pressure with the help of a flat surface.
  • Irrigation: Use sprinklers that help you moisten the soil and make sure that it is wet to about three or three inches.

Flowers that germinate in April



There are several types of camellias that they begin to bloom during the first hot days that come with spring. In addition, dahlias, belladonna, lily, mimosa, gladiolus and several other flowers germinate during the month of April.

Although it is very possible that this year it is too late for you to start planting this kind of flowers that They have a special flowering during the month of AprilThis is undoubtedly the ideal month to take a walk through other gardens and start selecting those plants that you want to fill your garden with color next year during this month.

April is the right time to sow

Spring it is one of the best moments to start sowing certain evergreen species, which commonly allow foliage to be maintained, some of which are the eucalyptus, acacia, olive, carob and orange treesin addition to deciduous species, which usually fall during cold days, these are the birch, elm, maple, ashamong other. It is also the ideal time to plant rose bushes, since it allows them to bloom during the summer.


plant rose bushes in April

As we said earlier, April is a suitable month so that the plants that you have planted in seedbeds or that are in pots become much more beautiful and grow even more. If until now you have had them inside your home, right next to the window this is the right time to take them outside again.

The most recommended is that you do it little by little, in order to avoid burning its leaves in the sunlightso start doing it on a cloudy day where there is no sun at all, so you can adapt more easily. Another way to do it is alternate and place it for several days inside the house and others outside, in this way they will be able to acclimatize without any problem.

Garden care during April

The beginning of spring invites us to put aside apathy that usually comes with cold weather and let’s start carrying out certain maintenance activities that are essential to keep your garden in the best condition, by the time the flowering takes place.

That is why you must have some care for your gardenwhich we will show you below.

  • Get rid of weeds, remove inflorescences, and examine your plants for disease.
  • Put aside the protections that delicate plants have once the weather begins to allow it. But remember to be especially careful in case of a late frost.
  • Check the proper functioning of your irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Slightly increase the frequency of irrigation.
  • Water your plants at night, since by doing so during the day, approximately 30% of the water evaporates, without letting the roots absorb it.
  • Mow your lawn before you start to compost.
  • Start applying compost to shrubs, beds, and trees.
  • It is recommended that you use complex fertilizers, which are even quick-acting.
  • Cut the tips of the leaves of those plants that you have inside your home, to provoke an optimal growth of both the plants and their leaves.
  • Use fungicides to prevent your rose bushes, shrubs, and trees from getting sick from fungi.
  • Before disposing of a plant, you need to make sure that it is actually dead.

Sayings of the month of April

april and gardening sayings

  1. In April, do not take off the fil. (During the month of April, the last colds of winter take place)
  2. Cold and wet April swells the barn and even the cattle. (If during the month of April it is quite cold, it is really good for wheat)
  3. Cold April, swells the silo; wet, silo and field.
  4. April ended, winter gone.
  5. Winter has not passed, while April is not over.
  6. Cold April, much bread and little wine.
  7. In April and May, do not leave the coat at home.
  8. Winter hasn’t passed until April is over.
  9. In April, you cut one thistle and it grows a thousand.
  10. San Marcos (April 25), king of puddles.
  11. Neither April without flowers, nor youth without love.
  12. April April, thousand buds !!!
  13. April April, every day two showers.
  14. April asparagus, for me; those of May, for the master and those of June, for the donkey.
  15. If it snows in Santa Engracia (April 16), the vineyard will be disgraced.
  16. By April cut a thistle and a thousand will be born.
  17. Crazy fever, windy March and rainy April… .make May flowery and beautiful.
  18. Who fallows in April? The mean farmer.
  19. April buds, few per barrel.
  20. March comes out and April comes in, little clouds crying and little fields laughing.
  21. For San Marcos (April 25) the chickpea, neither born nor to be sown.

Know which are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of April

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