Know which are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of March

Plants that bloom in the month of March

In the month of March they begin to observe the first signs that spring is close enoughone of these signs is that the days tend to last longer and sunlight is gradually regaining its characteristic prominence during this season of the year.

Temperatures also begin to rise and next to them plants begin to bloom. This is why, without a doubt, this is the right time to start getting the plants and seeds that you want to sow and transplant in your terrace or garden and thinking of helping you, in this article we will show you various plants that begin to bloom in this month of March and that you can sow in your garden.

Take note of the plants that bloom in March


Dandelion blooming in March

It can be found in the plains, pastures and gardens and the flowers it has are yellowapart from the fact that this flower can be recognized by the fluff spheres that we normally blow when spring comes. Although on occasion it is thought that this is a weed, in reality this plant has multiple healing properties.

Winter hydrangea

This is a plant that comes from Mongolia and Siberia; can withstand very low temperaturesits leaves are usually larger than the flowers, which have a pink color and a quite pleasant smell. It is possible to recognize them in central clusters, being in addition perfect for both pots and gardens.

Winter jasmine

This plant withstands cold weather quite well and likewise the frosts, in addition its flowers usually grow during this time, that is, at the end of winter.

Jasmine not essentially aromaticalthough the flowers have a very cheerful yellow tone. In the same way, this plant is characterized by being a climberIn addition, if it is placed just under the sunlight, it is possible to obtain a much more abundant flowering.


geraniums and the month of March

The geranium is part of the pelargonium, of which there are about two hundred and fifty different types.

It is perfect for both terraces and gardens, they are usually located in a semi-shady area, however, you can also have it in a pot inside your home. This plant does not need to be watered very oftenIt only requires some protection against intense cold, because it does not withstand frost very well. Its flowers are of various colorseach of them of very vivid tones and are grouped in small clusters at the tips of the stems with greater height.


This is a plant that is also often called “Rose of Lent”.

It is enough known as an ornamental plantThis is due to its early flowering in addition to its great resistance to frost. There are about 15 types of hellebore and each of them turns out to be quite toxic and something very curious that we must emphasize is that during the Middle Ages these plants were used to poison the tips of arrows.


It is a genre in which approximately 30 species are found shrubby, several of them are widely cultivated due to their great ornamental value.

This plant is usually very appreciated due to its beauty, both for its leaves, that They have a bright reddish color as for their beautiful clusters of flowers that have the shape of a small bell, that have colors like cream and pink, in the same way, is usually appreciated for its fruits which remain attached to the plant in the course of winter. And its amazing flowering can be seen during this month.

Plants that can be sown in March

Plants to sow in March

Whether in a garden directly on the ground, on a terrace, in pots, cultivation tables, etc., any type of space is suitable to achieve sowing. flowers, vegetables and aromatic plants.

You just need to be patient and wait some time, in addition to the desire to do it and some of the plants that can be sown this month are:



March is a great month to grow zucchini, melons, eggplants, asparagus, celery, tomatoes, artichokes, squash, peas, borage, sweet corn, bell peppers, sunflowers, pickles, and watermelons. You need to keep in mind that you will have to protect the plants that are in cold areasmainly, during the nights when temperatures drop the most.

Aromatic and therapeutic plants

Aromatic and therapeutic plants

Several of the aromatic and healing plants that can be sown in March are St. John’s wort, Artemis, coriander, tarragon, chives, cumin, chamomile, basil, watercress, rosemary, savory and rue.

These plants can be used to prepare stews and roasts, as well as some types of tea, to dress certain dishes, as well as to perfume and protect clothes.


variety of flowers that can be planted

There is a wide variety of flowers that can be planted such as carnations, daisies, cacti, columbine, alder, amaranth, wallflower, ornamental cotton, Persian spider mite, dahlias, among others.

How to care for plants in March

There are various ways of caring for plantswhich regardless of the season cannot be put aside.

An example is cleaning your plantsAs it is necessary that you wash its leaves very carefully in order to get rid of dust and dirt. Likewise, the frequency of irrigation and fertilizer applications should be increased. In the same way and during this month, you must be very careful with sunlightsince if your plants are constantly exposed to it, they may grow out of balance. And little by little you should be making those outdoor plants that you have kept inside your home during the winter to acclimatize to the temperature of this month.

Outdoor plants, trees and shrubs

You need to apply Compost the rose bushes just after they have been pruned; Likewise, you can separate the leaves of the liveliest plants in order to multiply them.


To take care of your plants, it is important that you remember the grass in your garden. Because when temperatures rise it is quite probable that the amount of bad herbs that appear on the lawn and which it is essential that you eliminate.


You have to start worry a little more about the frequency of irrigationmainly in the plants that are beginning to emerge and it is also recommended that you add liquid fertilizer in the irrigation water. If you want to prevent the appearance of those annoying mushrooms that originate from the humidity at night, then you should water the plants in the day, preferably in the morning.


When winter is ending it is suitable to prune your garden several times; Keep in mind that before the end of the month you must have finished pruning the rose bushes, shrubs, fruit trees, trees, etc.

March sayings

sayings of the month of march

  1. In March the grass grows, even if they hit it with a mallet. (They mean, that spring comes in marchwhich makes both crops and pastures thrive.)
  2. In March the early heat is for the healthy fields.
  3. In March, all the fields bloom.
  4. In March, the almond trees are in bloom and the young men are in love.
  5. Your precious vineyard, entering March tilled.
  6. The March sun for the field, hits the mallet.
  7. In March, if you cut a thistle, there will be four born to you; And in April, if you cut four, there will be a thousand born to you.
  8. March, marches: air, cold and hailstorms
  9. Windy March and rainy April bring out May flowery and beautiful.
  10. If March has not passed, do not speak ill of your sowing.
  11. There will be as many frosts in May as there were fogs in March.
  12. March that begins sultry, soon turns hail.
  13. He said to the March barley: “Such as I catch you I lift you up.”
  14. March comes out and April comes in, little clouds crying and little fields laughing.
  15. That you sow me in March, that you sow me in April, I will not go out until May.

Know which are the sayings and the plants that bloom in the month of March

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