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Pink dahlia

Whether they are small or large, all flowers have the same goal: to attract the attention of a pollinating animal to take charge of pollinating themand thus start the development of the seeds. The fight can be terrible; Not surprisingly, the new generation is at stake, so that plants have evolved until their flowers are the most attractive.

This has meant having very brightly colored petals in most cases, and adopting somewhat curious shapes so that your pollinator feels really comfortable and remembers them. We can see many flowering plants in the field, but we We are going to show you a series of photos of flowers that will surely surprise you..

Dahlia sp.

Flower of the bulbous plant Dahlia

Our Dahlias They are rhizomatous plants that are planted in the spring and bloom in the summer. Originally from Mexico, today they are grown in all temperate regions of the world. And no wonder: its flowers are gorgeous. Lso there are single, double, red, orange, yellow, bicolor… There is a lot of variety! Best of all, they can be grown in pots, as they do not exceed 60cm in height .

Delonix regia (Flamboyant)

Flamboyant flowers

El flamboyant, whose scientific name is Delonix directionis a tropical tree native to Madagascar that grows up to 10m in height, with a wide crown of up to 6m. The most common variety is the one that produces red flowers, but you have to know that there is another, the Delonix regia var. flavidwhich has them orange. In any case, we will be able to contemplate them during the spring, from, more or less, the 5 years of age.

echeveria glauca

Echeveria glauca flowers

Succulent or non-cactaceous plants are characterized by having fleshy leaves and / or stems and flowers that, in the case of Echeveria, are also fleshy. They are so beautiful, that they could well pass for artificial, like those of the Echeveria glauca that you can see in the image above. We will enjoy them towards the end of the summer and well into the fallgrowing them in the garden or in those pots that are wider than deep.

Echinopsis rowthis

Echinopsis rowleyi in flower

Echinopsis are cacti that adopt a globose or columnar shape depending on the species. Native to South America, most protect themselves with spines thick and sharp enough to discourage any potential enemies. In the case of E.rowleyiits spines are orange, and its amazing flowers of up to 5cm in diameter are an incredible red color that you can produce without problems when in a pot.

Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia jasminoides in flower

The Gardenia jasminoides It is an evergreen and acidophilic shrub (grows in soils with a pH between 4 and 6) native to East Asia that reaches a maximum height of 3 meters. Its glossy dark green leaves and beautiful white spring flowers up to 5cm in diameter are a real wonder. Despite its height, it can be kept in a pot throughout its life, since its root system is not invasive.

gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera jamesonii flower

Our gerberas They are perennial plants that live for several years originating from the African continent. They reach a height of 30-35cm, and produce flowers very similar to those of daisies, but in a wider variety of colors: pink, orange, red, white.. In addition, we can take photos of them from spring to summer, and plant them in planters with other gerberas or flower plants, or create beautiful colored rugs in the garden.

Jacaranda cuspidifolia

Jacaranda cuspidifolia in flower

The jacaranda cuspidifolia It is an evergreen tree native to South America that can reach 15 meters in height, with a crown of up to 4-5m. It gives very good shade, and when it blooms, which it does during the spring, it is quite a spectacle.: its leaves are almost completely hidden by its beautiful lilac flowers. It is a very interesting species to have in the garden.

Jasminum polyanthum

Jasminum polyanthum flowers

El jasmine It is a plant native to India. It grows to measure 3-4 meters in height, but for this it needs a support since it does not have tendrils. It produces small and fragrant white flowers up to 1cm in diameter in late summer that flood the garden with its sweet aroma. Due to its size and ease of cultivation, we can use it to decorate the patio or terrace.

Pawlonia tomentosa

Pawlonia tomentosa flowers

The Pawlonia tomentosaknown as the Kiri Tree, is a deciduous tree native to China. It reaches 20 meters in height, and has a crown densely populated with dark green leaves and a soft touch. The flowers are lilac in color, and are grouped in pyramidal inflorescences in spring. Due to its characteristics, its cultivation directly on the ground is recommended.

Rebutia pauciareolata

Rebutia pauciareolata in flower

Our Rebutias They are cactus native to Argentina, Bolivia and Peru that are characterized by having globose bodies covered by thorns and, above all, by producing some of the most beautiful flowers of the Cactaceae family. They are large, up to 3cm in diameter, with very bright and cheerful colors: yellow, orange, pink, or, in the case of the R. pauciareolatared. When do they open? In spring. Where? In pot, they do not exceed 20cm in diameter and if we had them in the garden we could lose them.

Orange flower gerbera

Which of these flowers did you like the most?

Photos of flowers | Gardening On

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