The daliaand in particular the red dahlia, is a very cheerful and decorative plant. The color red draws our attention to humans, so what better way to surprise your visitors with a flower as beautiful as this one.

So, this time we are going to see what are the characteristics of this plant and, most importantly, how to keep her perfectly healthybesides pretty .

What is the dahlia like?

Red dahlia, perfect for decorating

Dahlia is a plant that can be herbaceous or shrubby. The one that we find very often in nurseries is herbaceous, whose leaves sprout in spring and flowers in summer. The leaves, by the way, are opposite or whorled, simple or compound and are green. The flowers are compound, and can be single or double (with several layers of petals), of very varied colors (pink, white, red, dark red, bicolor, …). The fruit is indehiscent, oblanceolate in shape, and contains a single seed.

The majority grows to a height of about 30-40 centimeters in just a few months, but they can reach 70cm.

How do you take care of the red dahlia?

Beautiful dahlia flower

If you want to have a beautiful red dahlia flower, here is how to take care of it:

  • Location: it must be placed outside, in full sun.
  • Irrigation: frequent, three to four times a week in hot months, and somewhat less the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: very important to fertilize during the flowering season with a universal fertilizer for plants or with liquid organic fertilizers such as guano.
  • Planting time: it has to be planted in autumn so that it can flower in summer.
  • Pruning: It’s not necesary. Remove only the flowers as they wither, and the leaves when they dry.
  • Rusticity: it withstands well the cold of up to -3ºC.

Do you have any red dahlia at home?