When and how to prune rose bushes?

Pruning is a gardening task that we have to do if we have rose bushes, since otherwise we would end up having a very beautiful green bush that would give small flowers. However, as important as pruning is to do it well: in the event that we work with a tool that is not the most suitable or that we can more than necessary, the plant could weaken.

To prevent this from happening to you, we are going to tell you when and how to prune rose bushes so that each year you can enjoy for months of beautiful and colorful flowers.

When should rose bushes be pruned?

Rose bushes are fast-growing shrubs that look great anywhere. corner: Whether in a pot decorating the patio or in the garden, their striking flowers brighten the day of anyone who sees them. They are so beautiful, that they are grown in all temperate regions of the world, where temperatures are up to 40ºC maximum and -8ºC minimum.

They are not demanding at all. In fact, it is enough for them to have sun, a land that drains well and water in abundance (but avoiding waterlogging), in addition to a monthly contribution of fertilizer during spring and summer. But, so that they can also flourish as we like so much, another thing we have to do is prune them. The question is, when?

It depends . The rejuvenation and / or training pruning is done at the end of winter (during the month of February in the Northern Hemisphere), when temperatures begin to rise. Thus, as the good weather gradually returns, the plant can use the energy it has accumulated during the autumn and winter months to produce new shoots, which are very likely to give flowers that same year.

Moreover, a small pruning that has to be done is to remove the withered flowers, and this is something that is done throughout the flowering season so that the rosebush has more roses and that they do not lose their current size. It is very important to remember to remove the roses as they dry, not only because it is the only way that the new ones that come out are the same size, but also because they could become a source of bacteria and other microorganisms that could affect the bush.

How are rose bushes pruned?

Pruning shears

Now that we know the two different types of pruning and when to prune, let’s move on to the practical part. If we want, we will put on some gardening gloves to avoid getting punctured, and we will take some pruning shears. But be careful, you have to keep in mind that although they all seem the same, they are not really.

Anvil cut scissors should be used for training pruning.since the branches do not exceed 2,5cm in thickness; instead, to cut the flowers we can use conventional gardening scissors If we are only going to remove them, those with an anvil cut if we also want to cut the branch a little.

With the appropriate tool we can prune both the shrub rose bushes and the climbing rose bushes, which have to be worked in the same way as the former.

Materials I need to prune

Before getting down to work, it is advisable to prepare what we are going to need. In this case, is the next:

  • Anvil Cut Scissors
  • Normal garden scissors
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Healing paste (optional, but highly recommended)

You got it? Let’s prune.

Step by step

Formation / rejuvenation pruning

  1. The first thing to do is disinfect the scissors with pharmacy alcohol and make sure they are sharp so that the cut is clean.
  2. Then it is necessary to remove the suckers and those branches that look weak, diseased and also those that do not produce flowers. Thus, we will be able to give it a healthier and more youthful appearance.
  3. Then healthy branches must be pruned above the fourth or fifth bud. The youngest ones should be left with at least 2 or 3 buds.
  4. Now wound healing paste can be applied to prevent the proliferation of fungi and other unwanted microorganisms.
  5. Finally, the scissors must be cleaned again and dried well with a cloth to later store them in a case or in a place where they are not exposed to direct sun.

Flower pruning

To remove the flowers simply you have to take the scissors and cut the stem that joins the flower with the rest of the plant. It can be used to trim the branch with anvil cut scissors, disinfecting them before and after use.

Can anything be done with the cut stems?

Red rose

Yeah right. Pruning debris can be renamed cuttings, which you just have to impregnate the base with powdered rooting hormones and plant them in a pot with universal growing substrate and water. They will root very soon, in 2-3 weeks, but it is better that they are in that same container the rest of the year, until they root well.

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When and how to prune rose bushes?

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