Learn Everything You Need To Know About Orchid Watering

Our Orchids They are plants native to the tropical forests of the world that grow under the shelter of the trunks of large trees, or on their branches, always protected from direct sunlight. Its beautiful flowers are very characteristic, so much so that just by looking at them we can know if we are facing […]

Spring, the ideal time to plant bulbs

Spring is the flower season par excellence, but… not the only one. During the hottest months of the year there are many plants that can bring color and freshness to our garden or terrace, such as gladioli, dahlias or buttercups. These three have one thing in common and that is should be planted in spring […]

Secrets of the pruning of flowering rose bushes

By now we know how much we like rose bushes, although we also know the secrets of pruning so that the plant develops well and gives us its beautiful flowers. Prune rose bushes it is an art in itself that requires patience and knowledge. Roses are deciduous shrubs that bloom from the new branches, with […]

Brighten up your summer with Hemerocallis flowers

The Hemerocallis It is one of the plants that begins to flower towards the end of spring and ends its season in the beginning of autumn. It grows to a height of approximately one meter, although it can be grown in a pot without problems, since its stems are thin and its roots are not […]

Gentian, a plant that cannot be missing in your garden

The gentian It is a small plant that is very easy to grow that you can have in a pot or in the garden. It is herbaceous, but it is also annual, which means that during a year it germinates, grows, multiplies and finally withers. There are several species of these precious plants, such as […]

6 types of flowers for garden or pot

Our flowers they are a real beauty. They appear especially in spring, but there are many that do so in summer and autumn. There are so many types of flowers, so many, that it is impossible to list them all, since there are many plants that bloom. Even so, we are going to show you […]

Black orchid care | Gardening On

Orchids are plants whose flowers are characterized by being very elegant and decorative. There are many species, all of them distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, but there is one that is a little different from the others: the black orchid. Its petals are not brightly colored, but a truly spectacular […]

Cultivation and care of Rosa Freedom

Our freedom pink (freedom, in English) are the leading flowers of Saint George’s Day (or Sant Jordi), which is celebrated on April 23 in Spain, England, Georgia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Ethiopia. And why is it so popular? Legend has it that many years ago an evil dragon terrorized the town of Montblanc (Catalonia), killing their […]

5 types of orchids to decorate your home

They are very elegant plants, with colorful flowers very striking that take extraordinary forms. If you are a green lover, it is very possible that you have been tempted to have one at home, right? It is even probable that at this moment you want to expand your collection, something that, fortunately, today is a […]

When and how to prune geraniums

The geraniums They are very decorative plants and very easy to care for; so much so that they are one of the most recommended for beginners, as they only need to be in an area with a lot of light, and regular watering, preventing the substrate from remaining flooded for a long time. But in […]

Spring flowers. Discover the best

The spring it is the season of color par excellence. It is the maximum expression of life and growth; when the plants, after having spent a few cold and even very cold months, it is as if they welcome a new season in which, once again, they will have to “fight” to get the attention […]

The best summer flowers | Gardening On

Normally we think that spring is the only season when plants are filled with beautiful flowers, but the truth is that it is not the only season. Yes, it is true that after spending a more or less cold winter, there are many species that want to welcome the return of good weather, pleasant temperatures […]

10 Summer bulbs for your garden or terrace

With the arrival of summer, there are many bulbous plants that embellish the garden or terrace with their flowers. For a few months, the place where they are located is filled with very bright colors, and very happy, as is undoubtedly the season. In this time when the days are longer than in the rest […]

The 5 most beautiful poisonous flowers in the world

There are flowers that act as if it were a magnet, attracting our eyes. Their shapes, their bright colors, their apparent innocence … These are plants that are commonly found in gardens, since their undeniable ornamental value together with their easy cultivation, embellish and revive even to the most unexpected corners. But to be able […]

Knowing the Mimosa pudica | Gardening On

Photographed at the Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco If there is a really curious plant that inhabits this dear planet, this is undoubtedly the Mimosa chastealso known as the Plant of Shame, or the Sensitive Mimosa. It is a herbaceous plant native to Brazil, widely distributed throughout the tropics in which it has been naturalized. […]

Complete file of the royal mallow or moose

There are many flowering perennial herbaceous plants, but not all are as popular as the moose or royal mallow. This beautiful plant native to China produces very, very long flower stems considering the type of plant it is: no more and no less than 1,5 or 2 meters. Can you imagine having it in your […]

Echinaceae complete file | Gardening On

Our Echinaceae They are plants that beautify the garden in a spectacular way. They have very curious flowers; in fact, they are not simple flowers, but form an inflorescence composed of purple, yellow or white flowers arranged in the shape of conical heads. The cone sticks out quite a bit, so it draws a lot […]

Caring for the Lunaria annua or Silver Plant

The lunaria annua it is a perennial herbaceous plant that can behave as a biennial if the weather is very cold. It has flowers composed of four petals of very cheerful colors: red, pink, white or blue. It is seldom for sale, since, although it reproduces very easily by means of seeds, it does not […]

Amaryllis, the flower of summer

Of all the bulbous plants that bloom in summer, there is one that stands out above the rest: the Amaryllis. It has large flowers, up to 10cm in diameter, of very varied colors: red, pink, orange, bicolor … It is often used as a cut flower, lasting up to 10 days. It grows to a […]

9 hanging flowers for balcony or terrace

Do you have a balcony or terrace and would you like to decorate them with plants with hanging flowers flashy? If so, you are in luck. In this special we are going to tell you 9 species that are especially recommended to have in those spaces. Plants that are very easy to care for and […]

Gitanillas, the queen of Andalusian patios

Our gypsy girls They are plants that have hanging branches and very decorative flowers, with very cheerful colors. They are very easy to care for, and that is something that they know very well in Andalusia (Spain), where for centuries they have decorated their patios with this type of geranium: planted in their pots attached […]

Meet a very special flower: the Rosa canina

The canine rose It is a very special shrub that can be had in all types of gardens, even in pots, since it grows only up to 3 meters in height and withstands frosts of up to -20ºC without problems. In addition to being very easy to care for, it must also be said that […]

4 blue flowers for garden or terrace

Blue is a color that stands out a lot. It is not very common in nature, so finding a plant whose flowers have bluish tones costs more than finding others that have dyed their petals in other colors. Still, if you want to decorate your garden or terrace with bluish flowers, you’re lucky. We have […]

How to plant and care for muscari?

The muscari it is one of the bulbous plants that produce a greater quantity of flowers. Flowers that also give off a very, very pleasant aroma. Its time of splendor is spring, so it has to be planted about 3-4 months before; this way, the bulb will have enough time to wake up in time, […]

The magnificent Lily of the valley

It is a plant that is usually sold as bulbous, but it is not. Its leaves sprout from a rhizome found underground, in the mountain forests of the Mediterranean region. His name is Lily of the valleyand has some funny white or pink flowers, depending on the variety, which give off a very pleasant aroma. […]

How to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis is the indoor orchid par excellence. Its characteristics and beautiful flowers make it an extraordinary plant that many of us want to have at home so that we can contemplate it every day. But unfortunately, after flowering, they wither and end up in the trash. Is there a way to make it last for […]

How to grow Little Shoes

It is a plant whose flowers attract special attention. Its petals grow in such a way that they quite remind us of little shoes, which is what gives it its common name. It is very curious, but also very easy to care that will beautify any corner of the home or garden. It belongs to […]

Tips for giving flowers to a friend

It’s true. Many times we associate giving flowers with loving feelings, and it is common that men give flowers to their partners on special days or simply because they want to have a detail with her. But the reality is that also among friends like to receive beautiful flowersfor example, when you have a friend […]

Darwinias: the most beautiful hanging flowers

Hello! Today I had the idea of ​​thinking about those plants that are out of the average, that is, those specimens that arouse attention due to their appearance or because they have some unique quality. And so searching and searching is that I have come across the darwiniaa plant that stands out for its hanging […]

How is the Carpathian Lantern cared for?

The Carpathian Lantern, also known as the Bells or Bell, it is a herbaceous plant that lives for several years with very pretty flowers that can cheer you up at any time from early spring to mid-autumn. It is a beautiful plant that does not require any special careso if you are a beginner and […]

Meet the Ixia, perfect flowers to decorate any corner

ixia dubia The plants known by the name of Ixia are bulbous that, because they barely exceed 50cm in height, are perfect for decorating the terrace, garden or balcony. They hardly take up space and are very decorativewith beautiful flowers of various bright colors, such as yellow or red. Its cultivation and maintenance is simpleSo […]

Black roses, do they exist naturally?

Our black roses they are some of the most striking flowers in the world. The color black has always been associated with death, negative, sadness and mourning, so the fact that a living plant can produce flowers of such a dark color is something incredible, since Life comes together with Death. It is precisely this […]

How is Vinca minor cared for?

The vinca minor It is a wonderful plant to decorate gardens and terraces. Its growth rate is quite fast, and its flowering is spectacular, becoming almost completely covered with flowers from spring to early autumn. If you want to have a natural blue or white rug, be sure to read this article . Characteristics of […]

Abyssinian Gladiolus Care | Gardening On

When looking for tall bulbous plants to form beds even if they are temporary, it is not always easy to find the species that we like the most, especially if we want plants that are not usually seen every day. Therefore, this time we let you know the Abyssinian Gladiolusa bulbous native to Africa whose […]

6 Common Flower Names You Must Remember

How beautiful are the flowers, right? They brighten up the place where they are almost effortlessly. The vivid colors of its petals are a real pleasure for the eyes. Proof of this is that it is practically impossible to find a home that has not surrendered to its beauty. There are many plants that have […]

Curiosities about daisies | Gardening On

Daisies are one of the most common and most beautiful flowers in the world. They are well known to everyone, gardening enthusiasts or not, but surely there are things you do not know about them. Things like the ones I’m going to tell you next. Discover 5 curiosities of the daisiesand learn more about these […]

Cultivation of Gallardia | Gardening On

Gallardia is one of the few showy flowering plants that tolerate drought reasonably well.. It grows fast and does not require many or complicated care to flourish, so decorating the garden with it is one of the best decisions we can make, especially if we live in an area where it does not usually rain […]

Rosa damascena, the flower that helps you against stress

The Rosa damascena, also known as the Rose of Damascus or the Rose of Castile is a hybrid rose that has earned its place in gardens and patios. Its flowers have a very pleasant aroma, so much so that they are used in perfumes or to make rose water. But not only that: its petals […]

6 flowers to give on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In the blink of an eye, we will be on the most special day for all lovers: February 14. And, as it only happens once a year, What better way to celebrate than by giving flowers to that person you love so much? If you still don’t know […]

How to care for geraniums in winter?

Geraniums in winter are plants that must be pampered more than necessary to prevent frost from affecting themsince although they resist temperatures of up to three degrees Celsius below zero without problems, snow and hail can spoil their leaves making them look quite bad. But What care do they require in this season? The geraniums […]

Selection of 7 tropical flowers for garden or pot

Tropical flowers are amazing. Throughout their evolution, they have been slowly transforming into shapes and colors so cheerful and so vivid that they seem to have been painted by an artist. Fortunately for us, they are real plants that live in places where they share the territory with a great variety of species, both animals […]

Does the blue rose exist?

The blue rose is one of the most desired flowers. Its color is very striking, you don’t see much. However, this precious work is not the product of nature as we might think, but of human beings. It has taken us years, but finally we can get them, although not as a garden plant, but […]

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