When looking for tall bulbous plants to form beds even if they are temporary, it is not always easy to find the species that we like the most, especially if we want plants that are not usually seen every day. Therefore, this time we let you know the Abyssinian Gladiolusa bulbous native to Africa whose height is 100cm that, we know, you will love .

It produces beautiful, fragrant white flowers from late summer to fall, all with minimal care.

When are the bulbs planted?

Abyssinian Gladiolus bulbs

To get a wonderful Abyssinian Gladiolus bed the first thing to do is, of course, get the bulbs. As you may not find them in nurseries, it is best to buy them online, in online stores.

Once you have them at home, in late winter or early spring you should dig a trench or small holes (one per bulb) whose depth is twice the height of the bulb; that is, if it is 4cm high, the hole should be no more than 8cm deep.

You can plant them together or leaving a distance of 10cm between them. It is important that you know that the closer they are together, the denser the bed will look.

How are they cared for?

Gladiolus murielae flowers

For the bulbs to germinate in a healthy way and for the plants to produce an interesting amount of flowers, you must take the following into account:

  • Location: the bulbs have to be buried in an area where, once they germinate, the leaves are exposed to the sun.
  • Land: it must have good drainage. You can mix the soil in your garden with perlite in equal parts to improve it, or even bury blocks and fill their holes with black peat mixed with 50% perlite.
  • Irrigation: frequent, but avoiding waterlogging. The frequency of watering will vary depending on the weather, but will generally be watered every 2 to 3 days.
  • Subscriber: very important to fertilize with fertilizers for bulbous plants throughout the flowering season.
  • Rusticity: it is sensitive to cold, so if the temperatures drop below -2ºC in winter, we advise you to remove the bulbs and protect them in a dry and dark place, inside the home.

Enjoy them .