Amaryllis, the flower of summer

Of all the bulbous plants that bloom in summer, there is one that stands out above the rest: the Amaryllis. It has large flowers, up to 10cm in diameter, of very varied colors: red, pink, orange, bicolor … It is often used as a cut flower, lasting up to 10 days.

It grows to a height of 60cm, so it can be kept both in a pot and in the garden.

Orange amaryllis

Amaryllis is a bulbous plant that belongs to the botanical genus Hippeastrum. It is native to Central and South America and the Caribbean. The bulb is one of the largest, if not the most, that you can find in nurseries, since it measures neither more nor less than up to 15cm diameter. They should not be ingested, as they are toxic. Its leaves are long, ribbon-shaped up to 2cm wide, and dark green in color. The flowers bloom in spring and, above all, in summer. It only blooms once, but when it does, it looks spectacular for six weeks.

It is often grown in pots, but it can also be kept in the garden, in a corner. In either case, you must plant in late winterburying at a depth greater than what its height measures; For example, if it is 5cm tall, we will bury it at a depth of 7-8cm.

Amaryllis flower

Irrigation is very important so that it can develop well, so we will water two or three times a weekexcept in autumn-winter when it will be enough to do it once every 6 days. During the flowering season it can be used to fertilize with mineral or organic fertilizers. In this way, we will get the bulb to thicken more, with which, we can enjoy flowers up to 20cm in diameter, which is not bad at all, right?

Decorate your garden or your home with an amaryllis .

Amaryllis, the flower of summer

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