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It is a bit demanding, so we are going to tell you what the black orchid care.

Black orchid


The black orchid is a very curious plant that always needs to be protected from direct sun, since it grows under the shade of trees and other tall plants. But being sensitive to cold -a temperature below 10ºC could do a lot of damage-, it should be located inside the home in a very bright room.


Irrigation has to be frequentespecially during spring and summer, avoiding waterlogging. If you have doubts about when to water, insert a thin wooden stick – like the one they give in Japanese restaurants – to the bottom of the pot and, if it comes out practically clean when you remove it, it is because the substrate is dry and must be watered.


As substrate you can use substrate for orchids, which is composed of Pine bark.


It is highly advisable to pay with a mineral fertilizer for orchids during the months with good weather, following the recommendations indicated on the package or envelope, and suspend the fertilizer one month before the cold weather arrives. In this way we will ensure that the plant grows healthy and strong, and thus can produce an interesting quantity of flowers.

Black orchid

The black orchid will decorate your home like no other. Very few plants have black flowers. How could it be otherwise, in the orchid family we find an elegant and precious one like her alone.

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Black orchid care | Gardening On

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