Darwinias: the most beautiful hanging flowers

Hello! Today I had the idea of ​​thinking about those plants that are out of the average, that is, those specimens that arouse attention due to their appearance or because they have some unique quality.

And so searching and searching is that I have come across the darwiniaa plant that stands out for its hanging flowers.

The magic of Darwinia

Darwinia, hanging flowers

Darwinia is a shrub with unique characteristics because instead of the classic flowers, which are born from the branches, we observe a series of flowers that fall downwards and make the plant striking and different.

Darwinia is one of the few hanging flowering bushes and that is why in some parts it is called the Mountain Bell. It is common to find them in southern and eastern Australia, where the flowers can be grouped or hung singly.

Not easy to find Darwinias in the world because it is one of those species that only exist in a few places, where they grow wild and take advantage of the benefits of a climate that favors them naturally.

The Darwinia is made up of these very attractive flowers that are born from woody bushes that can reach one meter in height. The plant belongs to the family of Mirtaceae and there are more than 70 species of Darwinias. That is why you can find them in different shapes and sizes although all of them stand out for their hanging flowers.

The leaves of the plant remain standing all year round and are small and lanceolate, of a light green color and grow in pairs. As for the flowers, they can be of different colors, from a striking red to soft green, white and fuchsia. All of them always have five petals and ten stamens.

Sow Darwinias

Mountain bells

If you would like to sow Darwinias In your garden, you can do it by seeds or cuttings. In the first case, you will have to collect the seeds that are inside the fruit of the plant, a fruit that is shaped like a walnut. Simpler is growing Darwinias by cuttingsfollowing the classic cultivation method and planting the cuttings in a soil rich in nutrients.

It is important to take care of the soil in order to offer the plant all the nutrients it needs. Remember to add compost to the soil, such as manure. It is also important to take care of the watering and make sure that the plant has good drainage to avoid waterlogging.

Remember that when plant a root ball bushyou must make a hole twice as deep. Before sowing it, place organic compost and if it is a very small specimen you can help it with a tutor. Once planted, water regularly and abundantly, especially during the growing season.

With this care, it is likely that your Darwinia will grow little by little until it becomes a beautiful hanging flower bush that will undoubtedly capture the attention and transform into a ornamental plant that will decorate your garden.

Darwinias: the most beautiful hanging flowers

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