It is a plant whose flowers attract special attention. Its petals grow in such a way that they quite remind us of little shoes, which is what gives it its common name. It is very curious, but also very easy to care that will beautify any corner of the home or garden.

It belongs to the botanical genus Calceolaria, and if you want to know everything about it, you cannot miss this article .

Characteristics of the Shoes

Calceolaria crenata

Our protagonist is an annual plant of the Schrophulariaceae family. It is known by the common names of Zapatito de Venus, Capachito, Flor clog, Zapatito de la Virgen or Calceolaria, and is characterized by measuring 20 centimeters in height and, above all, by having flowers with two swollen petals that give it a shape unique and very curious. Are sprout in spring-summerAlthough they can continue to appear until fall if the weather is mild.

It is ideal to have in a potthus being able to decorate any corner. You can also plant it in the garden, along with other specimens or with flowers that grow to the same height more or less, such as Tagetes or petunias.

Cultivation or care


If you want to have one or more copies, take note of our advice:

  • Location: outside in semi-shade, or indoors with lots of light.
  • Irrigation: every two days in summer, and every three the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: highly recommended to fertilize with a mineral fertilizer for flowering plants so that it produces a large quantity of flowers.
  • Transplant: as soon as you buy it, you can change the pot or go to the garden.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in summer. They have to be sown directly in seedling trays with universal cultivation substrate, trying not to cover them too much since they need light to germinate, which they will do after about 10 days.

So now you know, if you want to have a very special corner, get a Shoe .