The plants known by the name of Ixia are bulbous that, because they barely exceed 50cm in height, are perfect for decorating the terrace, garden or balcony. They hardly take up space and are very decorativewith beautiful flowers of various bright colors, such as yellow or red.

Its cultivation and maintenance is simpleSo if you want to start growing bulbous, Ixia are one of your best options .

Characteristics of the Ixia

Ixia scillaris

Our protagonists are perennial bulbous plants native to South Africa. The botanical genus, Ixia, belongs to the Iridaceae family. The leaves are rosette, green and not very long (between 30 and 50cm). The flower stalks are terminal, that is, when the flowers wither, they also dry out. The flowers, which sprout in spring and summer, are hermaphroditic, about 2-3cm, and of colors that go from white to red, through pink and yellow.

Its cultivation is relatively simple. So much so that you will only have to follow our advice so that it flourishes year after year .

How do you take care of yourself?

ixia monadelpha

For your plant to grow healthy and without problems, we recommend the following:

  • Location: place in full sun.
  • Soil or substrate: it is not demanding, but it must have good drainage.
  • Planting the bulb: in autumn, about 5-7cm deep.
  • Irrigation: moderate, avoiding waterlogging. Water 2 to 3 times a week in summer, and every 4-5 days the rest of the year.
  • Multiplication: by division of the bulbs in summer, and by seeds in spring.
  • Subscriber: fertilize during spring and summer with fertilizers for bulbous plants, following the indications specified on the package.
  • Rusticity: the bulb supports weak frosts down to -3ºC. If it’s colder in your area, place your plant in a room with plenty of natural light but not drafts.

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