Amsterdam Flower Market: What is it called and when is it

Since 1862, the famous flower market in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has been the favorite place for the inhabitants of this beautiful city to buy plants and flowers. Not only bouquets, loose flowers and grown vegetables can be found there, but also seeds and bulbs to plant ourselves. Today it is no longer just a simple flower market, but also a popular tourist attraction.

So that you can get an idea of ​​what this place is like, we will comment a little on the history of this market and what its original name is. Also, we will highlight the most popular products and we will provide information about the time and location. This way you will no longer have any excuse not to visit it when you are passing through the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

What is the name of the flower market in Amsterdam?

Tulips are the star product of the Amsterdam flower market

More than 140 years ago, when the Amsterdam flower market began to originate, hundreds of boats arrived daily with various flowers and plants to put them up for sale. For whatever reason, the Dutch have always loved flowers, a taste they continue to maintain today. When it was opened in the year 1862, this market was located in Sint-Luciënwal. However, 21 years later, in 1883, this beautiful place was moved to its current location. And where is it located? Well, if we are in the capital of the Netherlands and want to take a walk around the flower market, we must go to the bank of the Singel.

At that time, this market was called plant market. When years later, around the 1960s, cut flowers began to gain more prominence, They changed their name to what it is today: flower Market. This Dutch word translates exactly as “flower market”.

It should be noted that this beautiful place has been built on moored barges that are distributed along the Single channel. Neverthelesstoday it is hardly noticeable that it is a floating market. This is because both the barges and the platforms have become more and more attached to the edge of the Singel Canal. Currently, the Amsterdam flower market is made up of fifteen flower shops.

What to buy at the Bloemenmarkt

Apart from being a historical place, the flower market in Amsterdam is also very colorful and cheerful. There we can find quite curious species of flowers and various indoor plants, such as dried flowers, cypresses, bonsai of various sizes, peculiar bulbs, daffodils, geraniums and a large etcetera of vegetables. But what is the star product of all of them? Without a doubt the tulips. In flower Market we can buy bulbs of these beautiful flowers of all colors. In fact, they also sell flowers made of wood, with tulips being the most appreciated.

Amsterdam Flower Market: What is it called and when is it

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