Cala blanca, on a majestic floor

Who has not ever seen a white cove? These precious flowers are often used as a dried flower to make bridal bouquets and even to decorate the home. And it is that, with minimal care, remain intact for several days. But they are also being planted more and more in gardens, giving it a pure color.

Majestic in bearing, this is a perfect plant to give away to someone very special, or to your precious green corner.

White cove

Our protagonist is known by the scientific name of Zantesdechia ethiopica. It is a very toxic rhizomatous herbaceous evergreen plant whose origin is in southern Africa. Despite the contrary as it may seem, it resists the cold quite well provided that the temperatures are not lower than -4ºC. It grows to a height of approximately 2m, with leaves up to 45cm in length. The inflorescence is, as we know, white, and appears in spring.

It normally blooms only once a year, but Did you know that if you prune the flower as soon as it begins to wither, it will produce new ones that same season? This is because when the flower is pollinated, the calla will spend energy on future seeds, but since it does not have it, it will then take advantage of the remainder of the season to take out new flowers.

White calla flower

The white calla can be had both in a pot and in the garden. It requires high humidity, but being sensitive to rot, I recommend that you mix the substrate (black peat or compost) or the soil with perlite in equal parts. Water it oftenabout 4 times a week (increase the frequency if you see that the soil is dry, or decrease it if, on the contrary, it is too wet).

It’s advisable pay it with a fertilizer for flowering plants from spring to late fall. This way we will be able to have new plants every time.

Do you have any white cove?

Cala blanca, on a majestic floor

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