Parts of a sunflower: What are they and their characteristics

Contemplating sunflowers usually gives us joy thanks to their large size and their vivid yellow color. It’s hard to look at them and not think about the beautiful hot summer days. Without a doubt, these flowers are among the most famous, But would you know what the parts of a sunflower are?

Although it is true that the fame of these plants has nothing to envy to that of other flowers, very few people really know what parts a sunflower is made up of. To get you out of doubt, We will comment on each one of them and reveal some very curious facts about these vegetables.

What is the sunflower and its parts?

The parts of a sunflower are the roots, leaves, stem and head.

Before talking about the parts of a sunflower, first we are going to explain what this vegetable is. It is a plant whose main characteristic is its heliotropic property. This means that it always orients itself facing the sun, while maintaining a diurnal course. Therefore, we can observe how throughout a day, the flower of this vegetable turns slowly, chasing the great star that illuminates our solar system. It is for this reason that it receives the name of “sunflower”.

This beautiful yellow flower is native to North America, but over time it has also moved to Peru and Mexico. Today it is grown in many places on the planet, including the European continent. It can be said that the sunflower can only grow in dry and sunny soils, because its roots reach very deep layers of the earth.

The sunflower is a very striking annual plant due to its size and its beautiful flower. It is capable of reaching a height of up to three meters. It is made up of different parts, which we will discuss below.


Let’s start with a basic element of plants: Roots. It is that part that fixes the plant on the ground. In the case of the sunflower, there is a main root and several secondary ones. They are usually strong and quite fibrous. The roots of sunflowers are capable of reaching a depth of up to one meter below the surface.

Right in the area where the main root meets the stem, the sunflower is weakest. For this reason, fertilizers should not be applied to that area, otherwise we could harm the plant, which could end up rotting.

sunflower with pipes
Parts of a sunflower: What are they and their characteristics

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