What is flower design? Everything you need to know

The decorations of the gardens and parks are made with a good technique in floral design. However, many people do not know what floral design is or what the techniques and types that exist to be able to make a good decoration of our garden are.

In this article we are going to tell you what floral design is, what are the main techniques that are carried out and its characteristics.

what is flower design

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Floral design is the art of using flowers, leaves, ornaments, and creative elements to create beautiful pieces that convey meaning and emotion. Like all art, requires technique executed by an artist with creativity and sensitivity. The artist has to find a way to combine elements in a specific way.

In the case of floral designs, these artists often consider fundamental aspects of the technique when evaluating the results. The most important are:


Proportion refers to the size relationship between elements such as flowers, leaves, containers, accessories, etc. in a design.


Scale refers to the size relationship between the finished floral design work and its surrounding environment. For example, wedding centerpieces related to the size of the guest table or the general space of the place.

Proportionally, the height or width of the floral design It should be 1,5 to 2 times larger than the size of the container. Keeping these proper proportions in mind contributes to the overall physical balance of the design.


Harmony refers to the pleasing combination of materials, colors, and textures in floral designs. Harmony is achieved when all the elements of an arrangement work well together and fit the purpose of the design.


Floral design comes together when all design principles and elements are present and well executed. If this is achieved, the whole composition is more important than its parts.


In flower design, rhythm is the flow of vision, the direction in which the eye sees it. It is what invites our eyes to move in an array, from focus to edge and back again. Rhythm allows the design to emerge with movement and capture the viewer’s attention, and is created through the placement of colors, materials, shapes, lines, textures, and spaces.


There are two types of balance in floral design: physical and visual.

  • physical balance it refers to the distribution of the materials and therefore to the weight in the arrangement. It looks simple at first, but you have to be very careful when handling some particularly heavy flowers and leaves. The goal is always to make the arrangement stand up and not fall down.
  • eye balance refers to whether the design looks balanced. There are three types of visual balance: symmetric, asymmetric, and open. The most traditional are the first, the asymmetrical and open ones are the most difficult to achieve because they are based more on the training of artistic vision and technical knowledge.

Our Approach

Most floral designs have an accent or focal area, which is the main feature of the design and draws the viewer’s attention. Emphasis can be emphasized placing primary or contrasting materials individually or in groups. Contrast between the focal point and the rest of the design can be created through shape, size, color, or texture.

Uses of floral design

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Floral design, in addition to decorating and creating a harmonious, romantic, warm, simple and bright space, also brings a lot of emotions. Therefore, it is very important for floral designers to consider the meaning and connotation of each flower. Thanks to this knowledge, they can be used at the right time.

These are some of the most well-known floral art styles:


In this case, there is no defined and unique type of flower arrangement, so it depends on many factors:

  • Age: Boys or girls are decorated differently than teenagers or adults.
  • Taste: All women and all men have different tastes. Everyone is betting on different colors and products.
  • Style: There are many styles, such as chic, vintage, traditional, farmhouse, etc.


Like birthdays, the decisions about these pieces are up to the children and their tastes. However, it is common to wear white as it signifies innocence and purity.


At Christmas, the two most important colors are red and green. They are often used to decorate Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve centerpieces. They are usually simple and combined with branches or vegetation.

Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, flowers are usually red, and these colors represent love and passion. In addition to roses, flower arrangements can also be combined with other elements to give a bit of contrast and complement.


In weddings, floral designs are one of the most common and essential parts of the decoration of the space. They can be found in churches as cars, restaurants, tables, etc.. In this case, all flower arrangements must follow an aesthetic to stay in the same style as the wedding decoration.

Floral Design Trends

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Every year, decorating trends can change. However, experts recommend the famous saying “less is more” and prefer to use few quality elements. Here are some of the most common floral design trends:

  • Vintage
  • Minimalist
  • soft and warm colors
  • Personalized design
  • Centerpieces
  • illuminated flower art
  • Mix of flowers, colors and textures.

The floral work of a florist can be of many different types, such as:

  • flower arrangements: Decorations made from fresh flowers, usually given as party favors or congratulations, placed in various bases such as vases, baskets, and other containers. They usually occur on special dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, or for special reasons, such as love, friendship or mourning.
  • Dried or artificial flower arrangements: They are long-lasting creations that combine dehydrated natural materials such as bark, wood, flowers, leaves or branches with artificial materials such as fabric, plastic or fibers.
  • Bouquets: Set of natural or artificial flowers, herbs and branches that are used for various purposes, to express mourning at funerals, as a gift for lovers, as a complement to bridal gowns at weddings. The bouquets can be made up of one or several types of flowers, of the same or different colours. There are many types of bouquets such as wreaths, garlands, corsages, corsages, fruit arrangements and more. If the bouquet is small, it is called a corsage.
  • Floral jewelry: Dress accessory that imitates jewelry, made from flowers.
  • ikebana: Japanese floral design with special emphasis on the philosophical aspect of floral design, which is why it uses only natural materials such as branches, plants and flowers in a respectful, harmonious and balanced way.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about floral design and its characteristics.

What is flower design? Everything you need to know

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