Characteristics and care of the Feathery Lattice

The feathery lattice It is a beautiful herbaceous plant with an annual cycle (that is, it germinates, grows, flowers and bears fruit and then wilts in a year) that is widely used to decorate gardens, patios and balconies for a few months.

To have it beautiful and be able to enjoy it, we invite you to read this article in which We will tell you about its characteristics and the care it needs.

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How is it?

Celosia plumosa is an annual plant

Our protagonist is an annual herbaceous plant native to tropical America whose scientific name is Celosia argentea var. feathery. It is popularly known as plumage latticework, argentea lacewing or feathery amaranth. It reaches a height of between 20 to 80cm, depending on the variety.

Its leaves are simple, lanceolate, with well marked veins, and are 3-5cm long. The flowers, which sprout in summer-autumn, are grouped in erect, dense and feathery inflorescences of red, pink, orange or yellow color.

What are the care for celosia plumosa?

The lattice is annual

If you want to get a copy, we recommend providing the following care:

Celosia plumosa: which
Characteristics and care of the Feathery Lattice

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