How to plant carnations: potted and in the garden

Carnations brighten up patios and balconies, but they also look pretty in gardens when planted in groups. The care that must be given to them is simple: as long as they do not lack light or water, we may have to remove some aphids in summer, but nothing more. In fact, these are herbaceous plants that resist (almost) everything.

Now, there are those who wonder how to plant carnations. A very common doubt that arises when the decision is made to buy some specimens, and it is not clear whether to plant them in larger pots or in the ground, or how.

A small aside: planting is not the same as sowing

Carnations are easy to plant in pots.

I make this small paragraph because it is important: We speak of planting when we say that we are going to take a plant that has already germinated, and we are going to move it to another placesuch as a larger pot or in the garden. We can also say “I am going to plant cuttings”, when our intention is to cut a piece of branch and put it in a container to take root.

On the contrary, sowing is taking seeds and placing them in a pot, for example, taking care of them and making them sprout. In summary: we will plant grown plants or cuttings; but we will sow seeds. In this article, we will talk about how carnations are planted, that is, what are the steps that we have to follow so that a plant that is in a pot, is in another or in the garden.

Sowing and planting are not the same

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When to plant carnations?

Normally, the plants that we buy in nurseries and markets have roots that protrude through the holes in the pots, and/or they barely have enough soil to continue growing. This means that they need more space, so if we have just acquired a carnation, we recommend transplanting it as soon as possible. But there are cases in which you will have to wait a bit, such as in these circumstances:

  • if thermometers tend to plummet in spring,
  • if you have many open flowers,
  • or if it is a plant that looks bad, with yellow or brown leaves, or with pests.

Of course, neither should a seedling that is still very small be handled (in other words, that it measures less than ten centimeters), and whose roots do not yet appear through the holes of said seedbed.

What are the steps to follow to plant carnations?

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How to plant carnations: potted and in the garden

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