How to care for indoor orchids

Indoor orchids are quite demanding plants. They need a lot of light to grow well, and especially to flourish. What’s more, they must be in pots and in suitable substratesOtherwise, your health will deteriorate.

As you are interested in having them beautiful, then we will tell you how to care for indoor orchids to have everything under control.

Light and Shade

The cattleya is a terrestrial orchid

Indoor orchids should be placed in a room where there are windows through which light from outside enters. The lack of light is a problem for them, as it causes the leaves to weaken and “hang”, and they cannot produce flowers. For this reason, it is extremely important that they be placed, for example, at the entrance of the house, in an interior patio, or in any other place where there is a lot of light.

But beware: do not put them by the window, because they will burn. For example, I have them on a table, more than a meter away from it. In addition, if you have more pots in the same piece of furniture, you must ensure that your orchids are in front of the plants that are larger, so that they can receive the light they need.


Our protagonists are originally from tropical forests, where it rains frequently and where the humidity is very high. Thanks to this, its leaves remain green, since they can absorb the water droplets that land on them. Inside homes, this humidity is usually low, and this is a serious problem, since they dehydrate and turn brown.. How to avoid it?

Well the first thing to do is find out if the humidity at home is high or low. To do this, we recommend buying a domestic weather station, which will also help you to know what the maximum and minimum temperatures are, and thus you will be able to know how they react to climatic changes that occur in your home. There are very basic and cheap ones that cost less than 15 euros, such as this.

Once you know what it’s like, you can take action if necessary. For example, if for a week it stays above 50%, it means that the humidity is high and therefore, you will not have to do anything. But if on the contrary it is lower, we recommend you do any of these things:

  • Spray the leaves with rainwater, distilled or reduced in lime, once a day.
  • Place containers of water near the plants.


How to care for indoor orchids

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