Black flowers: characteristics, curiosities and examples

Black rose black flowers

Are you one of those who like the color black? The most normal thing is that, then, when you see a black flower you get excited, although in the vegetable kingdom they black flowers Authentic ones are not common (they are usually a very dark purple or red that appears black at first glance). But that does not mean that there is not of this color.

Do you want to know what characteristics black flowers have? Maybe its meaning? And some examples? So here we are going to reveal all the information you need to know.

What are black flowers

The black flowers are normal and ordinary plants, although of certain species only, where, instead of creating a flower of a showy color such as red, yellow, etc. what it does is make a black. They are not very different from other plants, in fact, some will surprise you as a black tulip can be (when we are used to seeing them in striking colors).

For other plants it is their own nature.


Let’s start by telling you that the black flowers are a complete anomaly. We give you an example. Imagine a red tulip. It is striking, and it sure makes you notice him for that tonality. Now think of a black one. Maybe you would stop to look at it for the novelty, but which one would you buy, the red or the black? Surely red (unless you really like black). And it is that flowers use colors to attract insects, and black is surely not very attractive.

In spite of that, the truth is that these flowers do stand out more than the colored ones, perhaps because they are not seen often or because they are created in a certain way that, in the eyes, due to their elegance and disposition, we attract attention.

What do the black flowers mean?

Although black flowers are not the first choice you would have to create a garden, because for many it has a close relationship with death, pain and mourning, the truth is that for others it is striking enough to consider it. Perhaps not the whole garden, but a pot, or a part of it, that serves as a contrast with the rest of the elements.

In addition, apart from that first meaning that we give it, there is no doubt that the color black is always associated with luxury, glamor and power. In flowers, they can also have this way of understanding themselves, although the most normal thing is that they are seen as an evocation of sadness, darkness, distance …

Anyway, really the meaning will be given by you because it is you who should like it.

8 plants with black flowers that you should know

Now that we have learned some information about black flowers, it is time to give you examples of plants that have black flowers. Some of them will be rather purple or very dark red, so much so that seen from a distance they appear black, but if you get a little closer you will notice those nuances.

Tulip «Queen of Night»

Tulip "Queen of Night"

Before we have mentioned a black tulip, and here we have it. It is the “Queen of the night” variety and it is called that way because of its dark, not black, hue. Actually, it’s red but so dark which, by far, does look genuinely black.

Its origin places it in Turkey although it is not known for sure. Like other tulips, it is quite hardy and does not need many care to stay healthy.

Violet «Molly Sanderson»

Violet "Molly Sanderson"

Source: Attitude Fem

Again we have a variety of a plant that we know regularly. But, contrary to having colors like reds, yellows, blues, purples, etc. it is black. In addition, it stands out even more because the button it has is yellowand that makes her even more attractive.

Of course, you will only be able to enjoy them from April to September, which is the flowering time. Then they disappear but, hopefully, by spring they will be reborn. They reproduce alone and also do not need care beyond sun and water.

Weigela “Wine and Roses” or “Alexandra”

Weigel "Wine and Roses" or "Alexandra"

The Weigela is not usually a plant with black flowers, but of great color. But there is a variety that gives that black hue. It is known as «Wine and Roses», also called «Alexandra». Of course, it is not totally black, but actually it is pink with foliage so dark it will appear black.

As for its care, you should place it in a place with full sun, although they also adapt to one with semi-shade. You will have flowers throughout the summer.

Coleus “Black Prince”

Coleo "Black Prince"

Source: Provenwinners

In this case, this species is one of the ones that can attract your attention the most. Its flowers are not really black, but a purple so dark they will appear black (and the same can happen to the red ones).

Primrose «Victoriana Silver Lace Black»

Primrose "Victoriana Silver Lace Black"

Source: gardenersworld

In this case, we can say that some of these flowers turn out black, although the normal thing is that they are very dark purple. This variety is not that it is completely black, because both the center and the edges of the petals are white and yellow respectively.

Agapanthus or “Black magic”

Agapanthus or "Black Magic"

Source: Reddit

This is another of the flowers that you can find naturally in black. Of course, you have to protect it from low temperatures because the flower suffers a lot.

Aeonium tree

Aeonium tree

This flower can be black, but the truth is that it is one of the few species that It can change color according to the conditions you give it. And it is that, for it to be black, it must be a day and a half in full sun. If you put it in shadow, then it will turn red or purple while the center will be green.

Black rose

Black rose

Surely more than once you have seen a black rose in a florist and the first thing you have thought is that, like the blue one, it is not real, but has been tinted. but it is certainly not like that. Actually, there are these types of flowers. But only in Turkey. That’s where they actually grow them and there are three different varieties:

  • Black Baccarat.
  • Midnight Blue.
  • Black pearl. This is the most different and it will shock you to think that it is a rose.

Do you know more black flowers? Tell us some.

Black flowers: characteristics, curiosities and examples

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