How to plant peonies: characteristics, when to plant and possible pests

Peonies can be one of the most popular flowers in the gardening world. There is no doubt that they are very pretty, but also very whimsical. Therefore, in addition to understanding the care of peonies, you should also know when and how to plant peonies correctly. Let our bulbs give us two basics of the long-awaited flowers. In addition to knowing how to grow bulbs in a pot or underground, there is another fundamental aspect to consider. The peony not only has a short flowering period, it also requires generous flowering. Two good reasons to understand your needs in detail and be able to enjoy the wonders it brings.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you how to plant peonies, what are its main aspects of care that you need.

When to plant peonies

how to plant peonies in the garden

When we think about how to plant peonies, we often completely forget about another equally important aspect: when to plant. Knowing what the ideal bulb time is is key, and no experiments are allowed. Doing so may mean that it does not have factors that determine its growth, such as night cold or intense heat, however, in addition, it can have a decisive influence on its flowering. Therefore, if we want to fully enjoy our plants, we must strictly observe their planting time.

In this case, knowing when to plant peonies is the key to being able to appreciate the flowers. It is important to understand that most of the peonies that we can find are herbs. It means that our peony disappears with the arrival of the cold, and re-germinates when the spring days last. Although this may seem like a small detail, understanding the peony nutritional cycle It will allow us to understand why it has a specific sowing time. As important as knowing how to plant peonies is knowing the ideal time to plant peonies

So when should peonies be planted? At the end of winter. In fact, the ideal situation is in February or at the most in March. Only then, the bulb has time to complete its vegetative cycle, bloom in spring and wither with the arrival of intense heat. If we follow the planting schedule and postpone the planting of bulbs until April, what will happen? It is not too serious, it will affect the development of plants. We will notice a few things, because our peonies sprout every spring, but it takes at least a few years to bloom.

How to plant peonies

when to plant peonies

Although it is not difficult to grow them, we will have to consider some important details to ensure their correct development. The location of the plantation and the type of peony that we choose is a basic aspect to take into account. Because, although we may think that they admit it everywherethe actual situation is quite different.

Planting peonies in the ground

When planting peonies, one of our first tasks is choosing a suitable location. We must not only avoid exposing our plants to strong winds. What’s more, the planting site should have some shade and there should be six hours of sunlight every day.

Regardless of this consideration, we will first drill a well in good condition. Although our peony bulbs seem small, we are talking about a plant that requires a good depth to root properly. Therefore, we must dig a space that is at least 50 cm deep and 35 cm wide. Adding perlite to our soil will improve the drainage of our peony.

In addition to size, we must also create fertile, well-drained soil to allow our peonies to grow in the conditions. It is ideal for filling the space with a mixture of topsoil and perlite, which will help us to promote the drainage of excess water. Finally, we will add fertilizer to enrich the soil and meet the needs of the peony. Once the soil is ready, it is time to plant peonies. Ideally, do it at a maximum depth of 5 cm from the surface.

Plant in pot

If we want to appreciate our potted plants, we will have to choose herbaceous peony varieties. The main reason is that they require a shallow planting depth. Although we might think that planting peonies in pots seems to be less, it is not. Being able to use the climate that affects our plants to change the position of our potted plants can make it bloom more than if it is planted directly in the ground.

Planting peonies in pots you only need to consider a few aspects. First of all, among the various types of pots, it is best to avoid using clay pots. By maintaining the hydration of the substrate, it can deceive us and fight us through irrigation. To provide our plants with the required depth, it is important to provide them with a good growing space. In addition, we must also prepare a well-fertilized universal substrate so that our peonies have the necessary nutrients for growth and prosperity.

Associations, pests and diseases

peonies in the garden

Peonies have some plants that they can associate well with and give better results. Let’s see what they are:

  • sarah bernhart
  • Maximum Holiday
  • Duchess of Nemours
  • Red Charm
  • Ms. Leonie Calot

The peony produced by all these combinations will bloom in shades of pink, fig, yellow, and white. They complement well with azaleas. In the nursery, you can get them through different displays, in pots already planted, in bare roots and bulbs. When buying roots, if you want to combine multiple varieties in the garden, this is the most feasible way, you should choose 2 or 3 pink buds.

As for the pests and diseases of these plants, there are some unfavorable environmental conditions that can encourage the proliferation of pests and diseases. If they don’t get enough sunlight (about 6 hours a day), they are prone to gray mold. The aphids will also attack them mercilessly. Another serious disease is gray mold, which occurs when relative humidity is very high (90%) and ventilation is poor. Appropriate insecticides should be used for each situation, and pruning should be done to remove all affected parts of the plant.

I hope that with this information you can know well how to plant peonies and what aspects you should take into account for it.

How to plant peonies: characteristics, when to plant and possible pests

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