Characteristics, curiosities and care of the white chrysanthemum

Many people spend hours searching the internet for a plant that can change the environment in their garden. The most common is that they look for plants with colorful and showy leaves. But there are also those who try to find a species whose flower is so beautiful, that any garden will envy having it.

It is normal to find beautiful flowers and not be able to have them because they require specific care and terrain. But what would you say if you knew that there is a plant of Asian origin that you can have in your garden? If you are interested, at the outset I tell you that it is called Chrysanthemum, and that it is the white chrysanthemum.


White chrysanthemums are very pretty

How could you see in the main photo of this post, it is a flower with beautiful colors and with a spectacular design. But come on, more information is needed on it. So try to stay until the end and discover all the information about this species.

The Chrysanthemum or better known for white or Japanese chrysanthemum, he is originally from koreaalthough it is currently one of the most preferred plants by the Japanese. And the reasons are somewhat obvious.

In the same sense, the plant not only has its origins in Koreabut can be found in much of the Asian and European continent. An interesting fact is that this and the other varieties of chrysanthemum were sown and cultivated in ancient China. To be more specific, 1500 years BC

And although it can be said that its origin is Chinese instead of Korean, at that time korea belonged to the chinese empire. But its popularity and fame as an ornamental plant got it in Japan, probably in the middle of the XNUMXth century AD.

Now, ¿the flower seemed beautiful to you at the beginning? Well, know that this is not the only flower that you will find referring to the chrysanthemum. The reason is that when talking about chrysanthemumm, covers about 30 different variations belonging to the same genre.

And the one that we show you at the entrance is the one known as white chrysanthemum. You can find the tricolor chrysanthemum, giant daisy, golden chrysanthemum, red, yellow, blueetc.

Why are we telling you about this? For the simple reason that each chrysanthemum color represents something totally different. And in the case of the white chrysanthemum, it represents autumn flowers and is a symbol of pleasure and happiness, although it can also mean the pain felt after an emotional breakup or separation.

Characteristics of the white chrysanthemum

Let’s start with the main advantage of the chrysanthemum, and it is that thanks to its late flowering, your garden will have much more coloronly when the rest of the flowers have passed their flowering period, which means that you will always have a flowering plant in your garden.

Regarding the physical characteristics, It can be said that the plant has a maximum height of approximately 1.5 m. You can be higher or lower than this but for very little. The leaves are alternately located and can be either ovate or lanceolate in shape.

In the same sense, the leaves have a toothed shape on their edges and can measure up to 9 cm long, while the width of each sheet is only 4 at most. But generally, each sheet will have a different size. So the standard measurements would be between 4 and 9 cm for the length and between 4 and 6 for the width.

When it comes to your flowers, they are have a good sizeso much so, that it can be surrounded by the palm of an adult hand. Its form of grouping is by stems and the petals of the flower are round. The number of florets is estimated to be between 100 and 200.

And to finish and more than an informative data it would be rather curious, is that flowers tend to have a different arrangement according to the temperature level and how adapted the plant is to the environment and to the place where it is planted.


White chrysanthemums are very decorative

If we want to plant them we must wait for spring, even though they don’t bloom until November. It is done at this time because the temperatures are more pleasant and allow better growth success, since in winter and autumn they can suffer frosts and do not resist them very well.

It is better to wait until the temperatures are higher to plant them. If we buy the white chrysanthemum in autumn in a potwe can plant them directly in the groundif possible with terrazzo.

If you do this, the chrysanthemum resistance will be lessalthough it does not mean that it diminishes their survival. To help it in these colder temperatures, it is best to place it in very sunny places and thus favor its flowering.

In most of the world, it has been concluded that chrysanthemums are the most cultivated plants after roses. But despite its great variety and relatively easy cultivationyou need to know certain points so that the plant can grow without any problem.

Among them are:

Illumination quantity

This is one of the main factors that the plant necessarily needs. To summarize it as much as possible, white chrysanthemums or any other variation require about 8 hours of sun.

Yes, the fact that it needs so much sunlightit does not mean that you should have it directly under the sun. You can have it in a place where the sunlight in the morning falls on it and then by 2 or 3 in the afternoon it receives solar rays again.

Humidity level

The humidity level has to be specific, since if it is very high, it will tend to lose the rigidity of its stems and will not be able to support the full weight of the plant, so the humidity percentage has to be between 60 and 70%.

Taking care of the amount of humidity is vital, since it will avoid complications to the plantas they can be rotten in their stems and roots, or suffer from burns, have short stems and an irregular flowering. This in the case that the humidity is below that mentioned.

The type of soil

The soil must have a high level of fertility, it must be sandy in consistency and above all, it must be loose. In addition and as in many of the plants with herbaceous and perennial characteristics, requires soil that is well drained.

Otherwise, the humidity will be very high and you know what happens. Now, an important detail is that the soil has to have a good amount of organic mattersince this will allow the plant to have nutrients. Also, the soil has to have a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Watering the white chrysanthemum

Despite everything mentioned, white chrysanthemums are poorly cared for. One of them is to water them regularly if it does not rain and remove the flowers that are wilting as they appear.

To water them properly, it is enough to have the earth always wet. Do not wet its foliage to avoid the appearance of diseases such as rust or mold.

Now, would you like to know how a chrysanthemum should be sown? Next we are going to explain the step by step of how to sow a chrysanthemum. Little by little your cultivation skills will improve, and the good thing is that you can apply it to a wide variety of chrysanthemums.


White chrysanthemums bloom in autumn

The first thing you should know and always keep in mind when growing or sowing chrysanthemums is which You can do it through its seeds or cuttings and that you can extract from the stem of the plant.

In case you choose to grow white chrysanthemums from seeds, that you know that you should collect them and when winter is overstart planting. Just make sure to keep them in a dry place until spring arrives.

Yes now, The steps to follow are those:

  1. Take the substrate you have selected and fill a good size pot.
  2. Add some even hand water and then spread the seeds over the surface from the pot. Of course, if you have a pot that is around 10 or 12 cm wide, you have to add only three seeds at most, and this with the intention of growing at a reasonable distance from each other.
  3. Cover the seeds with more substrate until they reach the top of the pot.. In case you have chosen the cuttings method, you just have to sow it and press so that everything is compact and then water the soil again.

The white chrysanthemum is considered one of the most valued autumnal flowers and they are ideal to attract joy and laughter to a home. In the language of flowers, the chrysanthemum means perfection, eternity and joy, so you should get one as soon as possible and start filling your garden with beautiful and beautiful chrysanthemums.

Characteristics, curiosities and care of the white chrysanthemum

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