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Daisies are plants that take care of themselves practically. Thanks to the sunlight, its flowers can open happily, awaiting the arrival of those insects that are willing to pollinate them. In addition, they do not need much care to stay as beautiful as they are; However, it is interesting to prune them, especially if they are kept in a pot or in a small garden, since in this way their development is controlled. Here we are going to teach you how to prune daisies.

But of course, if you do not have much experience in growing plants, it is normal that you do not know how to prune daisies. Although that is what this blog is for, to solve all the doubts that may arise? . So let’s see what do we have to do to trim the stems of these magnificent flowers.

How to prune daisies

how to prune daisies in summer

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the care that daisies require are quite scarce. However, they are plants that with over time they require occasional pruning. Of many people who do not know how to prune daisies. They are quite vulnerable plants if not a good pruning is done. Thanks to this pruning you can achieve a good development and help you to direction your growth or wherever we want.

Another important aspect to learn how to prune daisies is that it is important to learn to prune, thanks here we can control growth. These plants they will not hesitate to reach one meter in height, as long as their environmental conditions are ideals. In places with lower temperatures, also called cold or temperate, annual daisies are pruned in the spring season or when they re-sprout with more strength and vitality.

When should daisies be pruned?

white flowers

Our daisies They are herbaceous plants that grow and bloom during the spring. With the first rains its seeds germinate quickly, and once they do, in a matter of a few weeks their flower buds sprout. The problem is that they can reach a height of one meter, which can be too much if they are kept in containers or in a confined space.

They do not have a dangerous root system; in fact, its roots are superficial and also measure about 40-50cm on average, but it is interesting to cut the stems to achieve a more compact growth. The question is: when? The answer is simple: whenever necessary.

Daisy keepers often choose to prune during the summer time. This is done in order to double the production of flowers, even when a time is reached when they should not be blooming. The increased growth of flowers occurs because the growth curve begins with the first spring rains. This is the reason why many garden enthusiasts who care for daisies decide to cut back some of them when winter is ending. In this way, they get the flowers to grow in greater quantity.

How are they pruned?

overgrown daisies

To prune daisies, you will only need pruning shears. If you don’t have one, the kitchen ones or even the sewing ones would be worth it. Before using it, You have to disinfect it with alcohol from a pharmacy -or dishwasher- to minimize the risk of infection. Then, you simply have to trim the stems to the height you want; That yes, I do not advise you not to do a drastic pruning.

If the stem is about 40cm tall for example, lower it to 20cm maximum. In this way you will achieve, not only that it acquires a more compact shape, but also more dense, with more foliage and more flowers.

How to prune daisies: types of pruning

To finish learning how to prune daisies, we are going to see what the different types of wedding are depending on the objective we are looking for.

Cleaning pruning

One of the main characteristics that these plants have is that their size increases rapidly. In fact, with only one rainy season, weeks later we can see how flower buds appear in nurseries. We need a clean pruning quite frequently. Apart from controlling the size of the daisies, we have to avoid dead foliage and have a yellowish tone. However, there are large numbers of stems and leaves that usually die at any time of the year.

For these occasions, it is important to identify which ones are brown or black in order to remove them in time. The removal of dry stems and leaves helps to rejuvenate the plant. If there are yellowish stems or leaves, it is most likely that they will not bloom again. These stems and leaves You can cut it into sections or tear them off directly by hand. The only thing to keep in mind when cleaning daisies is pruning is not to cut the small buds that only grow below the largest flowers. If you mistakenly remove these buds, you may have to wait more than a month for the new flowers to reappear.

Flowering pruning

It is another type of pruning that is done after the first flowering. Daisies should be cut after the first bloom to force them to bloom again and prevent the development cycle from running its normal course. If we let the natural course of this plant continue on its own, it will probably end. This pruning will force the cycle to repeat itself and take care of blooming again.

In case you do not do the flowering pruning, you will be able to see how numerous seed pods appear in the bed of the crop instead of flowers. When you see that the daisies are going to die, it is better to cut. Avoid cutting the stems that do not bloom since they can give flowers in the following season.

Rejuvenation pruning

This is the last guy to learn how to prune daisies. We just have to cut from Radically form all the stems every time there is a frost in a length of between 2.5 and 5 cm. This makes them grow stronger at the same time. If there is a place where the winters are quite strong it is best to cut the stems halfway during the fall season so that they can bloom well in the spring.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to prune daisies.

How to prune daisies? | Gardening On

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