Thrips are small 1-2 millimeter insects, like miniature earwigs. They cause damage to a multitude of garden plants, fruit trees and our vegetables. Although the damage is not serious, it is important to eliminate them, as they are also transmitters of viruses.

Larvae and adults stick their beaks on the underside of the leaves and feed on the sap, leaving whitish spots, with a typical silver or leaden appearance and surrounded by black specks, which are their excrement. They also bite on flowers and fruits. The flowers can be attacked and, sometimes, they do not open completely or they remain as wrinkled.

Others of his symptom They are, in addition to the deformation of leaves, flowers and fruits, discolored spots and premature fall of leaves, petals and fruits.

They are favored by a very dry and warm environment. They are typical in greenhouses.

For prevention of this pest is essential:

And for your control:

  • They can be fought with pyrethrins, which is a natural product used in organic farming.
  • el potassium soap it is also useful against them.
  • place blue sticky traps at the height of the plant.
  • in greenhouses, install antitrips nets.

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