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Daisies are very common but at the same time very beautiful flowers that are wonderful in all types of gardens, but not everyone knows when to plant daisies. During spring and summer they become beautiful, when opening their petals. What’s more, its cultivation is very simpleso much so that you will only have to water them from time to time to prevent them from drying out.

So what are you waiting for to get some copies? Here we explain when to plant daisies in your garden so that you can enjoy them for several seasons.

Key features

Daisy care

The daisy is a plant that can reach large sizes as long as its growth and development conditions are ideal. The stems are usually pine trees but quite long. The leaves of the daisy are long in length and the edges are serrated. It has a green color in a darker shade. Its flowers are regular in size and have a yellow part in the center. The petals can be white or yellow.

They are plants that must be cared for, even though it is a fairly common plant if we want it to have a nice flowering. The flowering time is during spring or early winter. Everything will depend on the variety we have and the climate of our area.

When to plant daisies: care

white petal flowers

We are going to see what are the different cares that daisies need to be able to develop in good conditions. First of all is lighting. Daisy flowers require proper lighting. That is, they can withstand semi-shade, although it is best to have several hours of sunlight a day. Depending on the area where we live we can have climates with higher humidity. In these cases you have to reduce the amount of watering and increase the hours of sunshine per day.

They can be sown both outdoors and indoors. To sow it indoors we will need a pot and a substrate that can guarantee the necessary nutrients for its development. The most normal thing is that it is raised in the garden together as the background plants. They are very good at growing and upholstering the ground. As for watering, you need regular watering with a water that contains minerals. It is recommended that in said water I specifically carry magnesium and calcium salts.

Once we have sown the seed, flowers can be obtained between the months of June and Julydepending on the temperatures. It is usually a plant that adapts quite well to various environmental conditions. However, one of the things to keep in mind to keep daisies well is soil drainage. When we talk about soil drainage, we are referring to its ability to absorb irrigation or rain water. This type of soil cannot become waterlogged since the daisies would not support and would die.

If we grow it indoors you should get at least 4 hours of sun a day. The location is also important. It should be placed near a window where it has the maximum possible illumination. If there are several plants we can give you a special recommendation. And it is that they must be separated from each other by at least 15 centimeters so that they can oxygenate properly. They can also compete for resources if they are close together.

When to plant daisies

when to plant daisies

The best time to plant daisies is when temperatures, both minimum and maximum, begin to rise above 15ºC. This means that it is in late winter or early spring when we can buy some plants in nurseries, garden stores or markets and we can decide where we want them to be.

In this sense, it is important that they do not lack lightsince otherwise they will not produce flowers or they will not have a good development. Therefore, if we have a hole where the sun can shine directly on them throughout the day or most of it, we will get them to grow wonderfully well.

The daisies they can grow without problems in all types of soilsincluding calcareous ones, but if the one we have has a tendency to compact, it is highly recommended to make a hole of about 50cm x 50cm and mix the soil with 30% perlite in order to improve drainage. In this way, the roots will be able to root in a faster and easier way than if we did nothing.

If we water them every 2 or 3 days, our beautiful plants will have excellent growth and development.which will help them produce a good amount of beautiful flowers throughout the season.

How to prune

Although it seems a fairly common plant and does not require any type of care or maintenance, it is advisable to prune these plants. Pruning is the procedure by which we remember a tree or bush so that the number of flowers and fruits it can bear can be increased. This makes pruning a common practice in both agriculture and gardening. When it comes to pruning daisies, it is one of the most necessary maintenance tasks for it to grow well.

Let’s see what are the different guidelines to take into account to carry out pruning of daisies:

  • Prune for more stems and leaves: When our flowers reach a height of 10-15 centimeters, it is convenient to prune the eggs growths. This helps the plant to produce new stems at the leaf nodes.
  • Pruning to extend the time of the flower: it is a type of pruning that helps lengthen the flowering time, so we can enjoy the beauty of these flowers for longer. To do this, the oldest flowers are removed and they begin to wither. With this we achieve that the plant is forced to produce new flowers to replace the older ones.
  • Pruning for when it has stopped flowering: it is a maintenance pruning. It is done when the daisy has a height of 10-15 centimeters in relation to the ground. This pruning helps prolong flowering until autumn has started.
  • Autumn pruning: It is the one that will be made when the daisy has a height of about 10 centimeters and it is due to my side mulch of dry leaves or pact to protect it from low temperatures.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about when to plant daisies and everything related to it.

When to Plant Daisies | Gardening On

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