When to plant rose bushes in the garden?

Do you dream of having a corner exclusively made of roses? Find out when to plant rose bushes in your garden or in pots, and how to do it so they can root as soon as possible. It is not complicated at all; in fact, you only need gloves, and a shower with water. You got it?

Well, let’s go there. Let’s get to work or, rather, down to earth.

When to plant rose bushes?

The rose bush is a shrub that blooms almost all year round

Rose bushes are wonderful plants: bloom from early spring to late summerand they can continue to do so until mid-fall if the weather is mild. Having them in the garden is a joy. A real treat for the eyes and often for the smell as well. In addition, they are very easy to care for since they are satisfied with frequent waterings and small pruning to grow healthy and vigorous.

But, although they are very resistant, it is necessary to bear in mind that their growth period begins in late winter / early spring. So they can root smoothly, They have to be planted when the temperature begins to rise above 15ºC..

How are they planted?

When it comes to planting them in the garden, the first and foremost thing to do is choose the location and make sure the conditions are right for them. But what are those conditions?

Ideal conditions for rose bushes

Yellow rose bushes are planted in spring


Rose bushes are shrubby plants that they need light to grow. This ideally is direct, that is, they are directly exposed to the rays of the star king, but they can also do it in semi-shadow. Of course, in no case should they be kept in the shade, since either they would not bloom, or they would do it very little.

If you are concerned about its roots, you should know that they will not cause any problems. They are not invasive, so you can plant other plants near them if you wish, although we advise you to be a little separated so that both have optimal growth. Perhaps, the only thing you should know about it is that it is not recommended that you plant grass next to the rose bushes, since these herbs want much more water than our protagonists, who could die if they are watered excessively.


We went to earth. The earth must have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. But it must also be fertile; that is, you CANNOT plant a rose bush if the soil is eroded, and / or if nothing grows on it. In addition, it has to be able to absorb the water with a certain speed, and to filter it downwards, towards the interior of the soil, thus avoiding puddling.

Be careful: the sandy soils on the coasts, near the sea, due to their characteristics, are not suitable for rose bushessince although they have excellent drainage, they are very poor in nutrients since they are carried away by the water. And that’s not to mention its high salt content, something that rose bushes don’t like either.

So what is the best soil for these plants? Well it could be clayey, But it is important that it does not have a tendency to compact too much. That is, it cannot become something like heavy “blocks” of earth when they lose all their moisture.

To make sure it is good soil, make a 1 meter x 1 meter hole, and fill it with water to the top. The earth must absorb the water from the first moment, but slowly and steadily. Of course, if it takes more than half a day, then you will have to take measures, such as mixing it with perlite in equal parts, or even filling the hole with universal substrate mixed with 50% perlite.

Substrate (pot)

In the event that you are going to plant potted rose bushes, you can fill it with universal substrate (on sale here!) or mulch. You don’t have to get too complicated with this. But it is very important that the container has holes in the base, since otherwise the excess water will remain stagnant in the roots, which will rot.

Said container can be made of plastic or clay. The former are much cheaper, lighter, and ‘indestructible’ in the sense that when they fall they do not break; those made of clay, on the other hand, being made of a rough material, allow the roots to hold on well. Of course, although they resist the impact of sunlight better, if they fall to the ground … the pots will be useless, so you have to be careful.

How to plant rose bushes in the garden?

Rose bushes are shrubby plants

If we want to have rose bushes in the garden, we just have to follow this step by step:

  1. The first thing we must do is find a place to plant them. Ideally, you should give them sunlight throughout the day, but if you give them only half a day they will also be fine.
  2. Afterwards, we make a planting hole of about 40cm x 40cm, one for each rose bush, and we mix the soil with two or three handfuls of organic compost (worm castings, manure, guano,… whichever we prefer). The plants have to be separated by a distance of 40-50cm, except if they are of the mini variety, which can be about 30cm.
  3. Then, the hole is filled a little with the mixed soil, so that the rose bush is not too below ground level (it is recommended that it be about 0-5cm below, so that the irrigation water does not come out) .
  4. Next, the rose bush is removed from the pot, placed in the center of the hole, and filled with more soil mixed with compost.
  5. Finally, it is watered.

Now there is one thing left: enjoy the rose bushes. If you have withered roses, you can take the opportunity to cut them, since this will achieve two things: one, stimulate the production of new flowers; and two, prevent the plant from expending energy to continue feeding the stem from which they sprout.

How to plant potted rose bushes?

Rose bushes can be planted in pots in spring

If what you want is to plant your rose bushes in a pot, you have to follow these steps:

  1. The first is to choose a pot that is about 5 inches wider and taller than the one you have now.
  2. Then fill it with your chosen substrate to a little less than half. Keep in mind that the rose bush should not be high, but not low either.
  3. Next, carefully extract the rose bush from its ‘old’ pot. In the case of intertwined roots, it is better to break the pot with a cuttex (if it is plastic) than to try to remove the plant ‘by force. The less damage done to the roots, the faster the plant will recover.
  4. Then put it in its new pot. Make sure it is at the correct height.
  5. Finally, finish filling, and water.

Cut off any faded flowers, and put it in a light area so it can get more.

If you need more information about the care and maintenance of these plants, click here:

Pink rose flower
When to plant rose bushes in the garden?

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