How to use a light bulb to make a planter

What to do with spent light bulbs? Throw them away? We want to propose a better idea: reuse them. It is very easy and it will only take you a few minutes. A short period of time so you can have a microgarden at home. Cheer up and learn how to use a light bulb […]

ecological remedies with plants against garden pests

Nettle is effective against aphids and stimulates plant growth Between the ecological remedies against peststhere are very effective growing associations or home remedies made with other plants. What occurs spontaneously in Nature, we can recreate in our garden or flowerpot. We already saw the garlic solutions or with Horse tail. Garlic is one of the […]

Black orchid, a unique plant

Image – Masdevallia rolfeana is the scientific name of the plant known as black orchida very particular variety of this species that is native to Costa Rica and arouses the attention of gardeners and botanical experts because the plant grows on another vegetable independently, without “taking away or infecting” anything, simply using it as […]

Characteristics of the alcatraz flower

Image – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Alcatraz flower It is one of the most used for bouquets and interior decoration; not in vain, it is quite large and its color is highly appreciated. But, although we all have more or less an idea of ​​what it is like, it is interesting to know it […]

What is the best substrate for orchids?

Would you like to have an orchid at home but do not know with what soil or type of substrate to keep it? To answer this question, it is important to first know if you want to have a terrestrial one, that is, one that grows at ground level, if it is semi-terrestrial, that is, […]

Care of Pelargonium hortorum, the garden geranium

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang The pelargonium garden It is one of the most common geranium species in nurseries, and therefore also in gardens and patios. It is a plant that blooms for a good part of the year, and requires very little care to brighten up our stay as well as […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Artemisia absinthium

Today we are going to talk about a type of plant that serves both for ornamentation and for other uses. It’s about the Artemisia absinthium. It belongs to the Artemisia genus and the Asteraceae family. This family is made up of almost 500 species that originate from almost every continent on the planet. It is […]

Characteristics, care and uses of the donkey belly

A plant that has a fairly short life cycle but is capable of actively flowering during its period is the donkey belly. This common name has been given after years of use as an ornamental plant in public places. Its scientific name is Singuata salpiglossis and belongs to the Solanaceae family. This family is made […]

How are Oncidium orchids cared for?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Averater // Oncidium cheriophorum Orchids are one of the most cultivated tropical plants indoors, as well as in the gardens of those lucky enough to live in areas where the weather conditions are perfect for them. In addition, if you like challenges related to the care and maintenance of plant […]

The 7 most beautiful Japanese flowers

In Japan they are lucky to be able to enjoy, year after year, a great variety of flowers whose beauty stands out on any landscape. They are so beautiful, that the rest of the world could not help sowing the seeds in their respective countries, to such an extent that nowadays, when words like Japanese […]

How to keep roses from wilting

The flowers of the rose bushes are gorgeous. They have everything that so many humans like: elegance and beauty; And even if perfection existed, these natural wonders would probably be some of the most perfect in the world, if not the most. However, like all living things, it sprouts, grows, develops, pollinates and finally dies. […]

+10 plants with white flowers – The most popular

Are white flowers your weakness? White has always been a very accepted color among the population. Proof of this are, for example, the facades of the houses, or the gardens themselves. For a long time it has been related to positive things such as peace, so it is common for there to be plants with […]

How to care for dahlias

Dahlias are perfect to have in pots, in planters together with other similar plants, and even in the garden, thus creating a spectacle of colors during the summer. Dahlias are native, mainly from North America, specifically from Mexico. They are highly prized by plant lovers due to the great variety of colors and shapes of […]

All about the Rose of Castile

All roses have something special. They are elegant, cheerful, and very pretty. But there is one that is also simple: the Rose of Castile. It does not have a double crown of petals as modern varieties usually have, but that does not mean that it is ugly, quite the opposite. This is a plant that […]

Epidendrum: An orchid whose flowers are shaped like a star

Epidendrumone of the most precious orchids, within whose family there are 1000 other species. According to the greatest connoisseurs of botany, this type of orchids are at a higher level in quality than many others and require certain special care to develop in the best way. Therefore, if you want to grow a specimen of […]

+9 types of peonies for terrace and garden

Our peonies They are plants that produce very, very pretty flowers. Large and in a variety of beautiful colors, they only need a little care! In addition, they can live in areas with partial shade, unlike many other varieties that need to be in the sun to flower. But although they are all, in appearance, […]

How to grow lupine | Gardening On

Who has not ever wondered how to grow lupine? These plants have one of the most striking flowers to have in the garden, or even in planters to decorate the balcony. Since it’s spring, what better way to celebrate than by getting our own lupines? Let’s get to work! Lupine cultivation Step one: check the […]

How do you take care of the mini rose bush?

Rose bushes are very popular shrubs in gardens, patios and terraces. Their flowering is abundant and long-lasting, so much so that they can bloom from early spring to late fall if the weather is mild. In addition, it is very resistant to frost, so it can be grown in many parts of the globe. While […]

Biscutella auriculata: characteristics, habitat and care

Today we are going to talk about a type of plant that, although it does not have great ornamental value, has some medicinal properties that have been used since traditional medicine. It’s about the auriculata biscuit. It is known by other common names such as blinders, spectacles, Santa Lucia glasses, génaves, spectacle grass, tamarilla and […]

Oriental Lilium care | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Jim Evans Of all the bulbous plants that we can find for sale, there is one that always attracts significant attention: the Oriental lily. Something that is not surprising: its large and colorful flowers are spectacular, very, very beautiful. But how do you take care of these amazing bulbous plants? […]

Orchids: The importance of knowing how and when to prune them

Caring for and maintaining orchids is a complicated and very meticulous task. They are delicate plants that if they are not given the proper treatment and maintenance, regardless of the species or type, will end up dying. And this is where many people who decide to have orchids in their homes fail. These plants are […]

+7 types of roses to beautify your garden or patio

Rose bushes are some of the most historic ornamental plants. For ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Babylonian or Syrian, these flowers were the symbol of beauty. Later, during the Middle Ages, its cultivation was restricted to monasteries, but that, fortunately, changed. Around 1800, people like Empress Josephine (Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife) had a huge collection. […]

Begonia elatior: how is it cared for?

This type of Begonias are by far the most commonly found in nurseries and garden stores. They are hybrids that stand out for their beautiful and decorative flowers that appear throughout the spring and summer. But, How do you take care of begonia is more cheerful? How to prevent them from rotting? We will talk […]

Ophrys apifera: an orchid with a flower that looks like a bee

It is a fact that orchids stand out not only for their beauty, but for the number of classes and / or variations that exist throughout the world. Some are very simple while others surprise with their physical characteristics, this is how the Ophrys apifera or better known as the bee orchid is noted among […]

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