All about Delphinium elatum | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia Commons / DoF CC-BY-X Do you want a herbaceous plant that will live for several years and that also produces lots of flowers each spring? Then let me introduce you to the Dolphin raiseda species that due to its height is perfect in alignments, delimiting roads or trails. Of course, it is […]

The rarest fruits in the world

Are you hungry? How about tasting the rarest fruits in the world? Plants have evolved to develop fruits with really curious shapes. There are some that could even remind us of animals, or some part of them. Such is the case of Madura treesa fruit tree native to North America that you can grow in […]

Grow table for people with reduced mobility

Yesterday I was in iberflora, in Valencia. And I was struck by this magnificent cultivating tablein wood, with its stakes for vines and its support for a small planter. Researching the manufacturer, I come to the Areté Foundation and I am surprised by the activity of this non-profit organization created in 2006, which aims to […]

Characteristics and care of the purple guaria

Image – Flickr / Eduardo A. Pacheco We will not deny it: all orchids have something special. But when you get used to always seeing the same ones, the day you discover another it is difficult to avoid looking away. This is precisely what can happen to many of us with purple guaria. This beautiful […]

Tips to properly water rose bushes

Rose bushes are one of the easiest ornamental plants in the world to care for: they live in a wide variety of climates, they do not usually have major pests or diseases, and the most interesting of all is that they produce beautiful flowers every year. However, irrigation is a task that can be difficult […]

How to plant potted dahlias

Do you like flowers? If so, you can’t miss a few dahlias in your garden or balcony. These rhizomatous plants -sold as bulbous- originating in Mexico are capable of attracting the attention of anyone who passes by thanks to their bright colors and the elegance of its petals. Easy to take care of, I will […]

Discover the delicious aroma of the chocolate flower

Wake up to the smell of chocolate! Chocolate-scented flowers they bloom at night offering a cocoa aroma in the morning. The cheery deep red petals are streaked red on the underside and drop to reveal bright green calyxes above the violin-shaped leaves. Perennial. You will be amazed after smelling the amazing cocoa fragrance of the […]

Are the leaves of roses

The rose bush is by far the best known and most loved flowering shrub. It can be grown in a wide variety of climates as long as the winter temperature approaches or drops a little below zero degrees, and it is also so ornamental and so easy to care for that it seems incredible that […]

Osteospermum or African daisy care guide

If the name of osteospermum It does not sound familiar to you, maybe the one with African margarita does. Previously they were included within the genus of the Dimorphoteca, and consequently one of the names by which these plants are known is dimorfoteca, although today it is wrong. Our protagonists, unlike the oysters we have […]

Rooster’s eye, taking care of this curious seasonal flower

Image – Wikimedia / André Karwath aka Aka There are plants that can easily brighten our day just by looking out onto the balcony or going out for coffee on the patio or terrace. There are orange, red, white, …; some higher than others. On this occasion, we are going to talk to you about […]

Clivia main cares | Gardening On

La Clivia, whose scientific name is threatened slopesit is a lovely herbaceous plant. Its characteristic inflorescence composed of more than a dozen flowers is so beautiful that as it only blooms once a year, during those few days that they remain open they are very much enjoyed. It is a plant that gives a lot […]

How to take care of Guinean joy

Image – Flickr / Kai Yan, Joseph Wong Our guinean joysalso called New Guinea Hybrids, are very colorful flowers and that is why they are beautiful to have in the garden. The scientific name of these flowers is Impatiens hawkeri and they are the younger sisters of the popular joy of the house (Impatiens walleriana). […]

What are the care for calceolaria?

Calceolaria is a herbaceous plant that produces very, very showy flowers, with colors as cheerful as yellow or orange. They are so curious that they are very reminiscent of the little shoes that babies wear, which is precisely how it is popularly known. But, How do you take care of yourself? If you just bought […]

How to sow the seeds of the Gerbera plant?

Image – Wikimedia / Fan Wen They are beautiful, of very different colors, and they are very easy to care for. The gerbera They are flowering plants that each year return to gardens or patios to beautify them throughout the season. And it is that, in addition, they are very cheap. But … would you […]

Canna indica care | Gardening On

Would you like to contemplate some beautiful flowers in your garden or terrace? The cane indicates are some of the plants that bloom for much of the year, but it is in summer when they brighten our day to day the most by showing us their most extraordinary petals. They are very easy plants to […]

What is the National Flower of Spain?

Each country has a flower that represents it in some way. There is always one that, due to the colors it has or the shapes it adopts, make it a plant that is easy to relate to that specific place. But, What is the National Flower of Spain? It is a very interesting one that […]

Pelargonium peltatum: a plant very similar to the geranium

The pelargonium peltatumalso called oak leaf mallow or ivy geranium, it is a species that It is part of the family composed of the Geraniaceae; It comes from South Africa and is characterized by being the most cultivated among all those that exist of its kind. The ivy geranium is a highly resistant outdoor plantwhose […]

+15 types of geraniums for garden or terrace

The geraniums They are herbaceous plants that have become very popular thanks to their beautiful flowers and their easy cultivation and reproduction. Mostly native to South Africa, they are very rustic and can withstand light frosts. They are used especially as potted plants (or planters), but they can also form colored beds in some corner […]

Characteristics, uses, flowering and care of crocosmia

Today we are going to talk about a plant that is used to decorate the gardens and will offer a range of colors that will remind us of sunrise. It’s about the crocosmia. This plant has flowers with the 3 colors of dawn: red, orange and yellow and they are flowers that will not only […]

Begonia corallina. An ideal plant for decoration

The begonia corallina, which you can commonly find as begonia tamaya, It is a plant that is especially located in some areas of Latin America and that is famous among Mexicans. It is also called bamboo begonia, because its stem closely resembles the stems of the family of the bambusoideae. This type of begonias frequently […]

Liliaceae: characteristics and examples of species

In the world there are so many plants that, in order to better understand their evolution and to be able to study them in a simpler way, what was done was to classify them into botanical families. Within each of these groups or families are included plant species that share basic characteristics, such as type […]

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