Characteristics and properties of Salvia sclarea (Roman sage)

Sage has long been known to have a reputation for being a healing plant since ancient times. And it is that the word sap means to heal or to save. Today we are going to talk about the Salvia sclarea. It is also known by the common name Roman sage. It has many properties and has been in use since ancient times.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics and properties of the Clary sage.

History of Salvia sclarea

Roman sage

There are numerous ancient cultures that believed that sage had some protective and purifying virtues that cannot be compared to those of any other plant. When this plant is burned it gives off a fragrance that is able to drive away black magic, demons or any other entity that can destroy the harmony with which we are linked. This is what was thought both in medieval Europe and in ancient Egypt.

This Roman sage has been known since the Middle Ages as the clear eye. This nickname was given because of its benefits in treating the eyes. There were many shamans, priests, alchemists and healers from many cultures spread over the continents of Europe and Asia who believed that the perfume of this plant could increase visionary abilities. In addition, from the more mystical side it was thought that it helped to be able to distinguish between good and evil. Therefore, the Salvia sclarea it was a plant quite revered and considered as if it were some kind of divine treasure.

The main characteristic she was most famous for was her smell. Any person who was egocentric could get rid of this bad thought through the smell of this plant. It was also used to develop maturity and spiritual wisdom.

Key features

Salvia sclarea

The Salvia sclarea It is a type of plant that is mainly spread in those places with a sunny location and with slightly dry soils. Within the salvias there are about 700 species both in the form of shrubs and herbaceous plants that have very different effects and properties.

The leaves are hairy and shaped like a heart. Its flowers can be of a great variety of colors that go between blue, purple, pink, red, lavender or white. It belongs to the Labiadas family and the main countries that produce this question are: Morocco, the United States, Eastern Europe and France.

It has a large number of biochemical principles such as the essential oil of esters, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. It has large foliage with small florets that range from blue to pink. It is one of the herbaceous plants with the most aromatic flowers that exist. It can reach a height of about 1.5 meters and this makes it able to spread its scent. Usually, mid-summer is when taller spikes grow with flowers that have that intoxicating scent. When you touch the flowers the essential oil stays impregnated on the fingers. It is one of the most appreciated essence to be able to alleviate menstrual problems, childbirth and menopause. This plant has been quite successful in terms of its properties throughout history.

The oil that releases this light yellow color and gives off a mixed aroma between nuts and sweet wood. This scent combines quite well with lavender-type incense, geraniums, bergamot, and most citrus fruits. It should be mentioned that it is not a toxic or irritating plant for any type of contact with skin. It should not be used in case of pregnancy and it is only recommended for the time of delivery as it can have quite interesting soothing properties.

Properties of the Salvia sclarea

Medicinal properties of clary sage

We have mentioned that this plant has been used since ancient times for various beneficial properties. Among these properties is that it is capable of revitalizing, stimulating and dissipating tensions. Many of these properties have no scientific backing. They are based on popular belief and evidence in numerous individuals.

Another of the properties that Roman sage has is that it is capable of treating fears, warding off worries, melancholy, reducing the effects of depression and avoiding paranoia. For those people who usually have a crisis when they reach 40 years of age, it is said that the aroma of this plant helps to take life somewhat less seriously. It also favors the stimulation of breathing and creativity in artists.

It is said that it helps those people who have little confidence in themselves and that it is with this plant that they can open new perspectives. The essential oil of this plant is related to the neck chakra and the light blue color. It is not recommended to take this plant together with alcohol or any other drug. It is also not advisable to take it through the olfactory route. It is completely discouraged for those women who have suffered from breast cancer as it can slightly stimulate the appearance of estrogens.

Main uses

The Salvia sclarea It is a species that has a large size, large leaves and many hairs. This plant is quite decorative and can be used both in gardening and ornamentation. If you have a Roman sage in your garden you can probably delight yourself with its delicious aroma on a continuous basis. Too It is used as a natural medicine since this strong smell that comes off is rich in essential oils. This makes the plant quite useful in natural medicine or herbal medicine.

Another of the main uses is as an aromatic herb. In Austria, Roman sage has been used for baking sweet recipes. It is said to have a pineapple-like smell when added to jams, jellies, and fruit compotes.

There are many people who use it as an edible plant. The leaves can be eaten in a salad or they can also be battered. Finally, this plant has been used for the production of wines and spirits.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the characteristics and properties of the Salvia sclarea.

Characteristics and properties of Salvia sclarea (Roman sage)

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