Discover how to take care of a rose bush in a pot and in the simplest way

Have you decided to grow a rose bush in a pot? Congratulations then the rose bush is one of the most beautiful plants and one of the most used to decorate home gardens, since the beauty of their flowers make any place a place full of color and a special fragrance, at the same time that, when they are well ripe, they will be used to make bouquets and give to a loved one.

Planting potted rose bushes is a process that will make your home look brightwith the different shades that these can present and the freshness of their flowers, but to have healthy potted rose bushes and with all the color that we want them to have, we must bear in mind that they require certain care that you must follow to the letter .

Steps to care for a potted rose bush

pink flowers

Growing a rose bush It will not be just a matter of placing it in a pot with soil and leaving it there without more, but requires some attention that you should lend them for a better development and therefore, better, more colorful and more fragrant flowers:

Step 1:

The first thing that you should take into account when placing your rose bush in a pot is one of the fundamental rules of every plant, which is that it receives the necessary sunlight.

The best thing to do is to place the pot somewhere where the path of the sun hits the rose bush for at least 6 hours a day and although there are some types of rose bushes that will tell you that they prefer shade, these are also good for about 4 hours of daily light.

Step 2:

For the rose bush to grow properly, the right amount of humidity is necessary. What does this mean? That this plant must not have enough water to drownso it is recommended that the pot has a drainage that allows it to eliminate excess irrigation, but at the same time it must retain some water to stay moist, something that will allow you to choose the appropriate substrate.

Step 3:

In the particular case that your rose bush has previous withered roses, these should be removed, since the absence of these is what will lead to the new roses appearing, with more strength than their predecessors.

Step 4:

The fourth step is one of the fundamentals for the correct growth of your potted rose bush, which is proper pruning. Winter is the time of year when the plant is in a state of transitionthat is to say, asleep and it is the right time to start the pruning process and you will have time until the end of February.

For this you must necessarily use gloves, since the thorns of the stems could hurt you.

Step 5:

For the care of your potted plant you should inspect it periodically, because the pests that will want to feed on its leaves and stems will not wait. You should pay attention to the back of the leaves and their color. If they continue in a definite green, you will not have problems, but if you see small spots, either white or dark in color, this is surely a pest, such as small beetles or aphids.

There are special preparations to eliminate them or different liquids of homemade types, with substances that you will easily find in your house, such as lemon and vinegarwhich will make them stop feeding on your rose bush.

Below we will leave you a list of all the insects that can take over your rose bushes and leave them in poor condition:

  • mosquito larva
  • Beetles
  • Aphids
  • chinchilla
  • Sea Conches
  • Caterpillars
  • Slugs

person smelling roses

All of them can threaten the useful life of your potted rose bushThat’s why the right treatment at the right time will be of great importance and another important need will be that it does not happen again, so you must take the necessary preventive measures. Following these steps you will surely have the pot rose bush in your home healthy, strong, colorful and full of fragrance that you thought you had.

Enjoy it!

Discover how to take care of a rose bush in a pot and in the simplest way

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