Bellis or daisies, perfect plants to decorate

Plants of the genus bellis They are one of the most interesting to have in a garden, or to make with them beautiful compositions with other similar herbaceous plants that grow to more or less the same height. Its flowers are undoubtedly its main attraction. They can be small or medium, but they are all […]

Bonsai cultivation calendar | Gardening On

Have you just bought a bonsai and don’t know how to take care of it? Do not worry. In this article we will see what care does your tree need so that it can grow healthy, without problems. Because these plants have us in love with more than one and more than two, we know […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Lythrum salicaria

One of the semi-aquatic plants that is used to decorate the garden is the A bottle of willow. It is an herb that belongs to the Litráceas family and is known by common names such as arroyela, loosestrife and puffin. It comes from the humid areas of Eurasia and usually grows spontaneously on our peninsula […]

Characteristics, care and uses of Argyranthemum frutescens

Plants that have a daisy-like appearance have been used to play with “loves me … doesn’t love me …” In this case, we are talking about the Argyranthemum frutescens. Its common name is woody margarita or margarita de Canarias. By its common name we can see where it comes from. Although it has always been […]

How to care for lisianthus?

All flowers are very decorative, but when looking for something very special, there is often no choice but to visit several nurseries or take a look at the catalog of online stores. And it is that, to enjoy the beauty of plants such as lisianthus, it is well worth it. These are plants of tropical […]

How is the cosmos flower cared for?

The flower known as Cosmos is beautiful. With a maximum height of 1 meter, it produces small colored flowers that can be pink, purple or white, which brighten the garden or patio from spring to early fall. It is very elegant and easy to care for, so much so that it is a suitable plant […]

The tea rose, as old as it is beautiful

I told you about the different types of roses that exist so that you can know the varieties that you can choose.On the one hand, there are wild rosesthose that are born spontaneously, the fruit of nature. Then there are the calls old roseswhich are the varieties of roses prior to 1867, the year that […]

How to transplant geraniums step by step

Geraniums are plants that inhabit many balconies and terraces as they are very showy and easy to care for. It is enough to have some pots with a little soil and add some water to them to give life to the air spaces with their magical colors. It is common for the ladies of the […]

When and how to put orchids on trees?

It is very common for people to have the orchids in your gardens hanging from treesor inside your home in a pot. However, instead of putting the orchids in pots, you can choose to have them tied to a tree trunk or bark that does not contain any type of resin. Watching them grow and […]

How to have your own rainbow roses?

Rainbow or multi-colored roses are a true natural beauty. They have the power to attract everyone’s attention, and to give a very special touch to any room. Discover how to create your own rainbow roses in a simple wayand without having to invest a lot of money in it. Follow the steps that I am […]

Hyacinthus orientalis, discover a flower of various colors

The Oriental hyacinth is a bulbous plant belonging to the family Asparagaceae, commonly known as Jacinto. It is characterized by the ease of its cultivation; which, added to the fact that its beautiful flowers, emanate a pleasant fragrance, have made this species one of the favorites of gardeners. Origin and habitat The hyacinth It is […]

When do orchids bloom? | Gardening On

Orchids are one of the most curious, elegant and beautiful plants in the world. For many, they are the ones that produce flowers of the highest ornamental value, and of course they have reason to think that: the shapes they take and the colors make them very difficult to ignore. However, there is a question […]

Characteristics and care of the Portulaca grandiflora

As we know, of the genre Purslane It is full of quite colorful plants and used for decoration in gardens and interiors. It has more than 200 species that come from tropical regions of South America. Today we are going to focus on one of the species of this genus widely used for gardening. It’s […]

Rosa Queen Elizabeth, a flower with large petals and very showy

The Rosa “Queen Elizabeth” Thanks to its stunning beauty, it is perhaps the best-known rose in the world. It is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family, it has multiple stems, vertical and extended growth that despite its glamorous appearance, it is a rose resistant to diseases. Its beautiful pink flowers appear from spring […]

Characteristics, uses and care of the Lotus berthelotii

One of the plants that can give a more exotic appearance to your garden is the Lotus Berthelotii. It is a perennial plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family and is native to the Canary Islands. It has a fairly broad creeping growth that serves to cover large areas of the garden. Thanks to its […]

When to transplant a rose bush?

Rose bushes are the most popular shrubs to have in gardens and patios; Not surprisingly, they produce flowers for much of the year and do not require much care to be healthy. Nevertheless, one of the things we must do from time to time is transplant them. Over time the substrate runs out of its […]

Tips on Caring for Dimorphic Libraries

Our dimorphic libraries They are very popular herbaceous plants, something that they have earned since they are very rustic and their cultivation is very simple. Because of this, although they are native to South Africa, today they can be found in a great diversity of climates. In fact, in climates that are not too cold, […]

Gladioli, the happiest bulbous | Gardening On

If you want to have a plant that welcomes you to the most colorful season of the year, spring, gladioli are one of the most recommended. Native to South Africa, they produce flowers in clusters that they are so cheerful and colorful that they can be used to decorate any corner. If you love tall […]

Larkspur, the best flower plant in the world

The plant known as larkspur it is one of those that produce the most spectacular flowers. Its inflorescence is so tall and so dense that it is impossible to ignore it. And if you are already cultivating it, the mere fact of having a specimen is a magnificent experience, since, without realizing it, it gives […]

Characteristics, uses and allergy of Parietaria judaica

Today we are going to talk about a plant that a large number of people have an allergy to. Its scientific name is Jewish parietaria. It belongs to the Urticaceae family and is known by common names such as basil, rock grass and parietaria. It is a plant whose power usually generates many types of […]

12 small flowers for garden or pot

A patio or garden without flowers is not the same. It can give the feeling that those are empty, lifeless places. And the petals are a perfect excuse to smile, to have a much happier day. Do you know the best? They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. In this sense, the small flowers […]

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