How is the cosmos flower cared for?

The flower known as Cosmos is beautiful. With a maximum height of 1 meter, it produces small colored flowers that can be pink, purple or white, which brighten the garden or patio from spring to early fall.

It is very elegant and easy to care for, so much so that it is a suitable plant for beginners. Even so, if so that you do not have any problem, I will tell you what care should you provide.

Origin and characteristics of the cosmos plant

Group of cosmos flowers

The cosmos flower, whose scientific name is bipinnatus, It is a herbaceous plant native to Mexico that reaches a height of up to 1 meter. Its leaves are divided into linear-filiform segments, and sprout from a highly branched stem. The wonderful flowers have a central yellow disc, with pink, purple or white peripheral ligules.

It is also known as mirasol, coreopsis or purple sunflower, and as a curiosity to tell you that it was introduced in Europe towards the end of the XNUMXth century although, despite the popularity it had in its day, today it is rarer.

Varieties of Cosmos

There are many varieties, such as Sensation that can reach one meter in height, the Versailles that does not exceed 45 centimeters, or the Daydream It produces white flowers with a pink center.

What are the care you need?

If you dare to have a cosmos flower in your garden or patio, we recommend providing the following care:


So that it can grow and develop normally, it is very important that it is planted in a sunny locationsince it does not adapt well to living in semi-shade. It is also not a good idea to have it indoors, unless it is in a room with windows through which a lot of natural light enters or a bright interior patio.


  • Flower pot: if we want to have it in a pot, it is advisable that the substrate has good drainage, as you can have it by mixing, for example, black peat with perlite in equal parts.
  • the garden: In the event that we are going to have it in the garden, we will not need to make any changes, since it is not demanding .


White Cosmos Flower

Irrigation has to be frequent: about three times a week in summer and 1-2 / week the rest of the year. It is important not to wet the aerial part, that is, leaves, flowers, or stems in order to avoid problems.

If you are going to have it in a pot with a plate underneath, remember to remove the excess water 30 minutes after watering since the roots do not like to have contact with stagnant water, and in fact they can rot easily.


It is advisable to take advantage of and fertilize the plant throughout the flowering season with fertilizers for flowering plants, or with guano (liquid, for sale here!), following the indications specified on the package.


And if we need more copies, we can multiply them sowing their seeds in the seedbed during winter and spring following this step by step:

  1. First, we will fill a seedling tray (for sale here!) with universal substrate or for seedlings.
  2. Then, we will place a maximum of 2 seeds in each socket.
  3. Next, we will cover them with a thin layer (no more than 0,5cm thick) of substrate.
  4. Later, we will water thoroughly with a sprayer, or better, placing the seedbed inside another tray that does not have holes and filling it with water.
  5. Finally, we will place everything outside, in full sun, and we will keep the substrate moist but not waterlogged.

Thus they will germinate in two weeks at a temperature of about 18ºC.

Plagues and diseases

It is quite resistant in general, but can be attacked by White fly o Red spider. Both are insects that love dry and warm environments, so they are common during the spring and especially the summer.

White fly
How is the cosmos flower cared for?

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