Garlic Based Insect and Pest Repellent

A garlic-based preparation is a great insect repellent Insects can be a problem in our flowerpot or in our garden. Some, like the White fly, constitute a plaguewhich affects many of our vegetables and plants. There are natural remedies against them, we can even make an insect repellent at home. Plant aromatic near our vegetables […]

How to prune an olive tree

The pruning It is one of the most laborious but also most important jobs that every gardener must do so that their plants have a greater quantity of fruits and better growth and development. It is, if possible, more necessary when it comes to fruit trees, so let’s see step by step how to prune […]

Make an ecological fungicide with horsetail

Horse tail If yesterday we saw how to make a ecological and homemade insect repellent, today we will tell you how to make a ecological fungicide at home that helps us to fight against the fungi of our planter or garden. In this case, our ally will be the Horse tail. This plant, with great […]

How To Make An Enzyme Solution At Home

Canary grass is the main ingredient in our enzyme solution An homemade enzyme solution is easy to prepare and will give our potted plants a nutrition greater than that provided by its scarce soil, it will transform part of the non-soluble nutrients into soluble ones and will contribute bacterial life to the substrate. Enzyme is […]

Bat guano, organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and calcium

The bat guano is a ecological compost and organic, which will provide the plants of our flowerpot, once the germination and development stage has been passed, essential nutrients for it, such as match and football. Plants feed on mineral nutrients that is in the substrate and that they extract through the roots. For these nutrients […]

Banana tea, homemade organic fertilizer rich in potassium

The banana peel will be the base of the tea rich in potassium The your banana it is an ecological fertilizer rich in potassium very easy to do at home. We will use this organic fertilizer dissolved in the irrigation water once the germination and development phase is over, as our potted crops they are […]

The substrate for growing potted vegetables

Now that we started a new season in our small urban garden, we have to acquire substrates for our new crops. The substrate is the material used as a support to germinate seeds or grow plants. With it we will fill our pots or grow tables. It is, in a way, the substitute for earthsince […]

Powdery mildew: Symptoms, prevention and treatment

Whitish spots: First symptoms of powdery mildew Powdery mildew, ash, dust, dust, ash, cendrada, sendrosa, sendreta, malura vella, blanqueta, etc. Depending on the place, it is known by a name, but all respond to this fungus (The killer hook) that covers the leaves with a gray or white coating similar to ash. As the disease […]

Mushrooms in the urban garden

Yesterday we were talking about powdery mildew, One mushrooms most common in the urban garden. But there are three others, which tend to attack our vegetables in times of mild temperatures and high humidity: mildew, rust and gray rot. Do you want to learn to recognize them? Fungi in the garden usually appear by moisture […]

Potassium soap, a natural insecticide

Potassium soap is effective against small insects such as mealybug The potassium soap is an essential product for our flowerpot. A insecticide natural made from vegetable oils, effective for pest control, safe for people and animals and respectful with the environment. It is especially effective in combating insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, mites, […]

Pre-pressure water sprayer | Gardening On

The spray of water under pressure is a very useful tool for our flower pot. Spray the liquid continuously without the need to intermittently squeeze a trigger. It works after increasing the pressure inside by manually pumping a piston located in its upper part. It is the most comfortable and effective way to apply pesticides […]

List of organic organic and mineral fertilizers

Coffee grounds are included in the list of organic organic fertilizers The use of ecological fertilizers is one of the keys to organic farming. The ecological fertilizers They improve soil conditions, provide the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth and development, and protect against erosion, as well as benefiting the environment and fauna. From this […]

The aphid: identification and ecological control

Aphid on bean sprout The aphid is one such pests which is a nightmare when it lands in our flower pot. Those little sticky bugs seem to invade everything. Above, next to them, come the ants that take care of them as if they were their flock, because they take advantage of the honeydew secreted […]

Recommendations for irrigation in the flowerbed

This original watering can is called Selfish & Devote and is a design by Cengiz Deger Watering is not just watering the plants, as my mother would say, but one of the key issues for the maintenance and care of our orchard or garden. Irrigation is the sustenance of our plants, different according to the […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Euphorbia characias

Today we are going to talk about a plant with spectacular foliage that emits a brilliant glow when in the sun. It’s about the Euphorbia characias. This species is totally recommended to have in the garden and, above all, for those places that have some problems with drought, since it is very resistant. It is […]

Characteristics and care of plants of the genus Phlox

Today we are going to talk about how to grow a genus of plants that grows in summer and that serves to perfectly complement the garden. It’s about the genre Phlox. They are plants with a quite pleasant aroma and that have some varieties as we will see in this post. There are some varieties […]

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