Banana tea, homemade organic fertilizer rich in potassium

The your banana it is an ecological fertilizer rich in potassium very easy to do at home. We will use this organic fertilizer dissolved in the irrigation water once the germination and development phase is over, as our potted crops they are depleting the nutrients of their soil and soon they need an extra contribution to continue with their correct development and fruiting.

The potassiumTogether with match and nitrogenare the main nutrients that our plants need. As we saw in »Mineral nutrients», each one has its function and its lack causes certain symptoms. For these nutrients to be absorbed by the plant, they must be dissolved in the water of the substrate.

Potassium contributes to flowering y fruiting of the plant, as well as the maturation of the woody trunks and the strengthening of the tissues. A clear symptom of its deficiency is the cushing of the tips of the leaves, but flowering is also reduced and the plant stops bearing fruit or gives them defective. In tomatoes, for example, the lack of potassium causes ripening by zones.

Yesterday we published how to obtain phosphorus and calcium through bat guano, today it is the turn of potassium, which we will obtain by performing a simple your banana

To make it, we will bring to a boil four or five banana peels in plenty of water, the more ripe the better, during 15 minutes.

Once the water cools, we will strain it and this will be the one we will use to water our plants. We can also use this water to mix it with the bat guano tea.

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Banana tea, homemade organic fertilizer rich in potassium

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