The spray of water under pressure is a very useful tool for our flower pot. Spray the liquid continuously without the need to intermittently squeeze a trigger. It works after increasing the pressure inside by manually pumping a piston located in its upper part.

It is the most comfortable and effective way to apply pesticides y fungicides on the leaves of your plants. It is perfect for applying the ecological solutions we were talking about recently: garlic-based insect repellent, potassium soap o horsetail fungicide.
It is also very useful in the delicate watering of the seedbeds so as not to flood or remove the small seeds that we have deposited a few millimeters deep.

It is very easy to use, you just have to fill the tank, give it pressure by pumping the button on the top and then press the trigger to water the plants with a fine mist of water that will reach the most remote places. You can also regulate the outlet pressure of the liquid. Furthermore, the nozzle is movable so that the water outlet can be directed in all directions.

It is one of those products that quickly find a place in our arsenal of tools in our planter garden.

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