Tips to improve the drainage of the pots

Drainage for plants is essential; however, irrigation is one of the most complicated tasks, so flooding is not uncommon. But this has easy fix How am I going to tell you now? You only need a few materials so that the roots can do their job wonderfully well. Write down these tips to improve the […]

Everything you need to know about mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms are highly prized mushrooms for their excellent flavor and versatility when making many healthy dishes. It is also loved for its high protein and mineral content. The mushroom is a heterotrophic fungus, that is, it obtains its nutrients from the soil since it does not photosynthesize. As it does not have chlorophyll, it cannot […]

How to prevent fungi | Gardening On

Mildew Since they are just seeds, plants have to deal with microorganisms capable of ending their life in a matter of a few days. And only the most resistant survive. When we grow them in the yard or at home, we unfortunately don’t keep them safe from them. But we can do several things to […]

Symptoms of pests and diseases in plants

Plants have to overcome numerous problems if they are to survive. All kinds of pests and fungi they are always waiting for you to show any sign of weakness to attack you. They can be avoided, of course, but sometimes it is not easy. To help you take care of them, we give you some […]

Home urban gardens | Gardening On

Despite its age, the plant world is perhaps one of the greatest sources of health, food and habitat on our entire planet and that is why perhaps many of the ethnic groups that inhabit the plant worldThey enjoy great benefits in terms of their health, their strength, their abilities, physical among other aspects. It is […]

Tools To Grow | Gardening On

Before starting grow any type of plant For any type of garden, it is important that we take into account the tools that we will need to carry out this procedure. It is for this reason, that below, we bring you the most necessary tools when working on the plot. Pay close attention and take […]

Aeonium, perfect plants to decorate

Aeonium arboreum ‘Atropurpureum’ There are numerous plants that we can put in our rockery, but if you are thinking of having a corner in your garden that reminds you of a desert landscape and that also does not require much care, then put Aeonium. You will not regret it . These are fast growing plants […]

How to remove grass from the garden

The grass Wild growing out of control is a very serious problem for garden plants. By having a much faster growth rate, in addition to a high germination percentage, our favorite corner of the home does not know how we want it. But there is one thing we can do to restore harmony. We tell […]

Pests and Diseases | Gardening On

In medicine area And perhaps in the area of ​​general culture a certain number of diseases are known that daily plague the health of our inhabitants and, rather as a matter of convenience, most people today are aware of a large number of diseases, so it is necessary for each individual know what the necessary […]

Things you should know before planting a mango

The mango It is one of the few tropical trees that can be grown in slightly cool climates, since although it does not support frost, it does easily withstands temperatures close to 0 degrees. However, it must also be said that in recent years new varieties less sensitive to cold have been imported, such as […]

Why and how to grow Stevia at home?

If you have a family member or friend who suffers from any pancreas insufficiency like diabetes, so you may have heard about sweeteners, but have you also heard that all these products are made from Stevia? Did you know that you can grow Stevia in your own home and forget about the harmful effects of […]

Fly repellent plants | Gardening On

Our flies They are insects that can be particularly annoying when you are having a good time in your garden or patio. Their characteristic buzzing makes us feel uncomfortable, and we don’t hesitate to try to push them away from us. However, we do not always succeed. But Did you know that there are fly […]

How to eliminate the spider mite

The spider mite is one of the most common pests that beloved plants can have. A dry and warm environment favors its growth and multiplication, something that it does very quickly, so much so that eradicating it completely sometimes costs a lot. Still, there is nothing impossible, so if you want to know how to […]

Cactus Diseases | Gardening On

Although The Cactus They are plants that apparently do not require much care and attention, it is important that we bear in mind that there are some diseases that can attack our plant and leave it in very bad condition. It is for this reason that we can prevent before having to cure, or simply […]

What gardening jobs can be done in winter?

With the arrival of cold and frost the gardener cannot rest. Throughout the year you can do things in the garden, even in the cooler months. Regardless of where you live, plants will need some care to get spring off to a ‘good start’. But What gardening jobs can be done in winter? To water […]

Chainsaw Buying Guide | Gardening On

The chainsaw It is a very useful tool if you have a garden that has been abandoned and needs a major change, or if you need to regularly prune your trees so that they produce more and better fruit. When you decide to buy one, you have to select the one that best suits your […]

How to care for a greenhouse?

On several occasions we have talked about the greenhousesgiving you hundreds of details about the types of greenhouses that exist and the conditions that are needed to grow plants inside them. It is very important that by having a greenhouse, we dedicate ourselves to taking care of it thoroughly, not only focusing on the care […]

Pennyroyal, ancient herb | Gardening On

Native to Australia and Africa, the pennyroyal is a medicinal herb It has been used for centuries, mainly to treat digestive problems, although its leaves were also burned to drive away mosquitoes. A long time has passed since then, however its qualities are still widely recognized and that is why this plant is among the […]

This is how the Earth breathes in a year

We have the immense luck of living on a planet where there is a lot of life, not only animal, but also and above all plant life. These beings were the first to inhabit the Earth and are probably the last to disappear. Before that happens, they will breathe, they will bloom, and their leaves […]

When to prune a cherry tree

The cherry tree It is a deciduous fruit tree highly appreciated for its delicious fruits, but also for its high ornamental value, as it’s beautiful all year: in spring we can contemplate its beautiful white flowers and its lanceolate green leaves with the serrated edge, in summer and autumn we savor its fruits, cherries, and […]

They create the hottest chili in the world

Image – Daily Post Wales Do you like the spicy taste? As much as you like it, I do not recommend at all to try the Dragon’s Breatha new variety created by Mike Smith, a fruit grower and gardener from Denbigshire (Wales) in collaboration with scientists from the University of Nottingham Trent. By measuring the […]

Types of humus | Gardening On

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard about the need for humus in plants and in the soil in your garden, but have you ever wondered what kind of element is humus? It is for this reason that today we are going to tell you a little about this organic fertilizer that is […]

Extraordinary plants: the Rose of Jericho

If there is a plant with the power to amaze us all in a matter of a few minutes, it is the one known by the name of Rose of jericho. After a seemingly lifeless period of time has passed, as soon as a few drops of rain fall, it begins to turn green. And […]

Pests on climbing plants | Gardening On

As we have already seen on different occasions, the creepersor climbing plants, are plants that serve us to decorate walls, walls or any other place; they can make a pergola look more beautiful and natural than it really is. However, it is important that, like any other plant, we pay close attention to it and […]

How to decorate the garden for spring

Spring is the most colorful season of the year. The flowers finally open after having spent a few very hard months, the leaves of the trees sprout, offering us a place to protect ourselves from the sun, our star king that little by little is making the temperatures rise. With this so nice weather Who […]

What are bracts? | Gardening On

The flowers of the plants are wonderful. They fill the landscape with multiple colors and scents, thus attracting a wide variety of pollinators. In addition, they brighten our day, since there is nothing like going out to the patio or garden to disconnect from the routine and enjoy the natural beauty that plant beings have. […]

Grow cardamom at home | Gardening On

A few days ago my father-in-law returned from India, from a trip that he dreamed of for a long time. A foodie, he knew how to walk through those typical markets where spices abound and of course he returned home with some little bottles to give away. I got the one of cardamomMaybe because he […]

Why is it important to pay?

Plants need a series of macro and micronutrients in order to grow and develop properly. These nutrients are absorbed through the roots, which develop below ground level. Without this food, they would have a hard time getting by. However, we often forget to fertilize what causes the progressive loss of these important nutrients. Thus, it […]

Growing Tomatoes in Pots | Gardening On

On many occasions, even if we do not have a garden or an outdoor space, we can also, create our little garden indoors, growing vegetables and other types of plants in pots. It is for this reason that today we would like to give you some tips to take into account when growing tomatoes in […]

Types of graft in a Bonsai

Eurya Bonsai Grafts are branches from plants that belong to the same botanical family as the one to be grafted. It is an excellent way to get different fruits from a single tree, or in the case at hand, it will help us to advance our work. But since they are not all the same, […]

Grow Edible Mushrooms Easily | Gardening On

For many, mushrooms They are delicious, and excellent companions, not only for delicious salads but also for elegant and succulent dishes. However, although we can grow them at home, it is important that we be very careful when making and collecting them, since there are many varieties of mushrooms that are not edible and that […]

New Technology for your garden

Many of us are absolutely gardening fanaticsof the cultivation of plants, and flowers and of any activity that has to do with nature. Just as there are many technological advances, today I want to bring you the new advances that have begun to come to light in gardening issues. Although some very traditional techniques are […]

Care of grafted plants | Gardening On

Many people use the plant grafting to get new varieties, joining two already existing ones. It is important to remember that the graft is carried out in those plants that do not have enough strength to grow by themselves, so it is best to create a graft so that they can do it with the […]

The flowerpot or growing of vegetables in pots

Hello! My name is Ana and from today I will talk to you about seeds, irrigation, plants, pests, remedies, fruits … and flowerpots. The flower pot It is one of the latest urban trends in home gardening. It’s about cultivating potted vegetablesforming a small garden in your own home. You don’t need a lot of […]

Growing potatoes in a pot

Potatoes, also called potatoes in some parts of the world, are tubers that come from the American continent. Generally we can find them planted in traditional orchards, but today, we want to propose that you start grow them in a poteither to have them on your balcony or on your terrace. The first thing you […]

Symptoms of mineral nutrient deficiency

Eggplant leaf lacking in magnesium Yellow leaves, corked tips, deformed foliage … Symptoms of of lack of mineral nutrients. Nitrogen, potassium, calcium … Plants feed on mineral nutrients that is in the substrate and that they extract through the roots. In order for these nutrients to be absorbed by the plant, they must be dissolved […]

Growing pepper at home | Gardening On

Many people cannot eat a plate of meat, or a salad without adding a little pepper. And why wait to buy it at the supermarket if we can grow it ourselves at home. Pepper cultivation has been going on for many years, first in the Asian tropics and then around the world. The cultivation process […]

Cultivation and watering of potted garlic

For each clove of garlic you get a full head One of the keys to the proper functioning of garlic in our flowerpot is irrigation. Its cultivation is simple, but many times our garlic plants die from excess irrigation. It is a biennial plant, with a life cycle of two years. It has very numerous […]

Fertilization of plants | Gardening On

The care that we give to our plants and the gardens that we have at home, will not only make us receive delicious fruits and beautiful flowers, but also allow them to develop correctly. In the same way, by taking care of them and being aware of them, we will be able to protect them […]

Fertilize indoor plants | Gardening On

In other articles we have talked about the subscriber importancehow to make our own compost or compost, and the difference between organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Just as we must fertilize the plants that we have planted in our garden, it is important that we also fertilize the plants that we have inside our house, […]

the whitefly: symptoms, prevention, control and elimination

The White fly it is a small winged insect of about 2-3 mm. that affects many of our vegetables. They like heat and humidity so it is a pest of the summer outside and all year round indoors or in the greenhouse. It lives in groups on the underside of leaves, where it lays eggs. […]

Aphrodisiac properties of tomato | Gardening On

Diving online, I have come across this curiosity: Did you know that the tomato was known as the love apple for its aphrodisiac qualities? Yes, the pomme de l’amour was called in France, where some herbalists attributed these stimulating virtues to boost its sale. Or maybe not? What if our tomatoes are the key to […]

The different varieties of lettuce. Basic Features

From left right and from top to bottom: Romana, Batavia, Iceberg, Lollo Rossa, Trocadero Do you know the different varieties of lettuce? Its shape, its flavor, its cultivation … Do you know which is the most suitable for your flowerpot? A few days ago we commented on the characteristics of the potted lettuce cultivation. Soon, […]

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