Many people cannot eat a plate of meat, or a salad without adding a little pepper. And why wait to buy it at the supermarket if we can grow it ourselves at home. Pepper cultivation has been going on for many years, first in the Asian tropics and then around the world. The cultivation process is so simple that we can obtain this precious plant in our own garden.

The first thing you should do is prepare the earthmaking sure to mix two parts of black soil, one part of loamy clay soil, and another part of river sand to improve drainage. Then you must fill the pot with the substrate. Remember that it is very important that the substrate has a pH that is slightly acidic and rich in nutrients. If you have any questions about the pH of the soil, you can ask a specialized place or measure the pH of the same yourself.

Then place la pepper plant for cultivation in the center of the pot, making sure that it is very stable, that it has enough soil and that it does not bend to the sides. Remember that the pot, now with the pepper plant, should be in a shady place, since direct sunlight could harm the growth of the plant, causing the leaves to wilt and the fruit not to be produced. .

Water without excess, trying to keep the soil moist, but avoiding waterlogging that could end up rotting the roots, or bringing fungi or bacteria. During the first 4 years of planting the plant, you must perform pruning to enhance the fruiting of the berries and fruits. As the plant matures you can go harvesting the berries being careful not to damage the stems.