Growing potatoes in a pot

Potatoes, also called potatoes in some parts of the world, are tubers that come from the American continent. Generally we can find them planted in traditional orchards, but today, we want to propose that you start grow them in a poteither to have them on your balcony or on your terrace.

The first thing you should do to start growing potatoes in a potis to place them in a warm place, so that they can receive direct sunlight. In the same way, I recommend that you water them with a spray so that they can begin to develop sprouts, since it will be essential that they do not lose moisture so that they develop in a better way. After a couple of days, when you start to notice that the buds are large, fill a pot two-thirds full with black soil and make sure this container has drainage holes.

Then place the sprouted potatoes in the center of the container with the earth, with the shoots preferably facing down and then just cover the rest with more black earth. Keep in mind that the pot should be located in a place with a lot of sunlight, so that the development of the plant is the most optimal. Similarly, the ideal temperature will be about 14 degrees Celsius. It is important that you water the pot daily, trying to keep the soil very humid, but avoiding waterlogging since fungus and mold may occur on the leaves.

When the stems and leaves have started to grow, turn the pot little by little periodically so that you get the plant to grow straight and not to decay. Once it has flowered, the leaves will begin to wither and begin to turn yellowish, from that moment it is important that you suspend watering. Twenty days later, you can start harvest your new potatoes, which you should do by gently digging the earth and picking up the larger potatoes.

Growing potatoes in a pot

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