Types of graft in a Bonsai

Grafts are branches from plants that belong to the same botanical family as the one to be grafted. It is an excellent way to get different fruits from a single tree, or in the case at hand, it will help us to advance our work.

But since they are not all the same, let’s see what types of graft in a Bonsai there are.

Azalea bonsai

We can distinguish three types of grafts: bud, lateral and crown. Depending on which one we want to do, we will have to proceed in one way or another.

How to perform the yolk graft?

Also called gusset, consists of cutting the yolk that we do not like, making a cut deep enough so that the sap is visible, and placing another in its place tied with raffia rope.

It is highly recommended to do it towards late winterThus, with the arrival of spring, we will have a much better chance of success.

How to perform the lateral graft?

The lateral graft is performed making a notch about 5cm deep in the lower part of the trunk of our tree, cutting a branch in a bevel and inserting it into the trunk. After a few months, the graft will have been well attached so that, in case design work has to be done, it can be carried out without problem.

This type of graft it will be done in summerin evergreens.

How to perform the crown graft?

Crown grafting consists of inserting a stem under the bark of the tree. To do this, part of the bark has to be removed from the branch by making an oblique cut, and then a slit in the plant that we want to graft. Is it will have to be about 5cm deep so that the graft comes into good contact with the rootstock sapthat is to say, of bonsai.

We will proceed to make crown grafts in springwhen the tree has already resumed its growth.

Acer buergerianum bonsai

Grafting a bonsai allows us to advance our work a lot, so … why not get down to work?

Types of graft in a Bonsai

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